Understand Totango user licenses

Each user of Totango must have a license assigned within user management. We refer to this assignment as a named user license.

Totango offers three licenses for users:

  1. Practitioner (formerly Spark): Full Totango platform functionality, designed for admins and daily active users
  2. Contributor (formerly Zoe): Limited Totango platform functionality, designed for team members who manage accounts, tasks, and touchpoints.
  3. Viewer: Read only Totango platform functionality, designed for leadership and team members who require visibility into customer data, workflows, and performance.

Feature comparison

Use the following table to compare features available with each license. 

Some capabilities can be removed from user access via roles and permissions, but capabilities cannot be added outside the scope of the license, as listed below.

Capability Practitioner Contributor Viewer
My Portfolio
My Portfolio widget -

no reset to "my" customers
no data for "my" activity
no tasks assigned "to me"
Attention -
My Folder -
View account profiles
All tabs and widgets

View user profiles -
Edit attributes -
except lifecycle status, post-completion tasks, segment views and bulk edit
Modify account assignments
Create, update, delete contacts -
Archive accounts
Update account configuration
Quick Actions
Add touchpoint
Including email-to-touchpoint
Add task -
Create segment
save private segments, no access to triggers

 create access but not save, no ability to follow
Add asset
account profile only
Add objective - -
Run manual SuccessPlay
from Notifications (My Portfolio) or segment views
Request information
from Notifications (My Portfolio) or segment views
Generate presentation -
Create account - -
Scorecards -
read only, no ability to filter by "my"
Canvas -
read only
Segments -
read only access to segments in a BLOC, create access but not save
SuccessPlays -
read only
Campaigns -
read only
Reports -
read only
Assets -
account profile only

read only
Executive Console
Customer Health -
Revenue Center - -
Team Spotlight -
Usage Monitor -
Edit profile
Signature, picture, notification preferences, password
Switch between teams
Inherit team account set and advanced settings
Customize menu and select a homepage -
Access Global SuccessBLOC -
search access to Global segments

read only
In-app access to Marketplace -
read only
Other permissions
Can share via Zoe (assistant) - -
Can have Global Settings permissions - -
Can be selected as a campaign sender
Can be assigned to an account -
Can access the Totango app in Salesforce (if configured)

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