Use Zoe to share information from Totango

Who can use this feature?

Zoe allows you to share data from Totango ad hoc or on an automated schedule via Slack message or email.

  • Scheduling data requires an unlimited license
  • Sharing data from Totango via Slack requires user authentication
  • Admins can limit access to Zoe "share" from User Management > Permissions > Application Permissions.

Share data from Totango

Share customer information with your broader team (outside of Totango) via email or Slack.

Accounts are available for Slack or email sharing. Segments are available for email sharing only.

  1. From Totango, click the Zoe icon in the upper, right corner.
  2. Click Share.
  3. Choose the object you want to share:
    • Accounts (Slack or email sharing):
      • Email: Shares account name, health, account type, contract value, renewal date, licenses, success manager, sales manager, recent touchpoints, key metrics, and key contacts
      • Slack: Shares account name, account type, health, create date, contract renewal date, executive sponsor, sales manager
    • Account segments (email sharing only): Shares segment name, health breakdown, number of accounts, total contract value, and segment columns
    • User segments (email sharing only): Shares number of users, number of accounts, total contract value, and segment columns
    • Totango user segments (email sharing only): Shares number of users and segment columns
  4. Based on the selected object, search for the item you want to share (e.g., "Acme Account" or "Customers at Risk").
  5. Click Next.
  6. Based on the object you chose, select from the available channel(s) in which you want to share.
    • Email: Enter the email address(es) to send. If your instance is set up for unlimited sharing, optionally choose the schedule for sharing the selected data. Otherwise, the data will be sent one time (does not require an unlimited license).

      Your admin can prevent you from sharing to certain email domains (Settings > General).

    • Slack: You may require authentication for the Slack channel in which you want to share. Select the other Slack user(s) with whom you want to share the account information.
  7. Click Share.
  8. Depending on the channel, the information is shared immediately. If the information was set up to be shared on a schedule (email only), the schedule was added to the Zoe Assistant.

    Examples of account and segment emails:

Manage Zoe automated schedules

Sharing data via Zoe on an automated schedule requires an unlimited license. Each user can manage their own scheduled activities. Global admins can manage all scheduled activities.

  1. From Totango, click the Zoe icon in the upper, right corner.
  2. Click Assistant.
  3. Any data shares (see above) that you set up on a schedule appear.
  4. Toggle the share on or off, or delete the schedule.
  5. Click Done.


Question: I created a scheduled activity for my upcoming upsells. How can I pause it temporarily?

Answer: Use Zoe Assistant to switch this scheduled activity to off. When you want it to be re-activated, just switch it back on.

Question: How can I remove a schedule?

Answer: Delete the scheduled activity and re-create it with a different list of recipients. Currently, you cannot edit a scheduled activity.

Question: Is it possible to create a scheduled report?

Answer: Currently, you cannot schedule reports. You can share account information and segment data.

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