Understand SuccessPlays

Who can use this feature?

  • Global admins, SuccessBLOC owners, and collaborators
  • Users have view access to SuccessBLOCs that are published to a team; additional view access permissions to individual SuccessPlays, campaigns, canvas, and objective templates vary.
  • Available on all plans and license types

SuccessPlays allow your teams to operationalize consistent internal workflows with automatic task creation, data updates, and more. 

For guided training, check out our self-paced course: Drawing Up Winning SuccessPlays in Totango

What you can do with SuccessPlays

  • Create a task: Assign tasks to team members automatically, with dynamic assignees and due dates
  • Request information: Streamline data entry using forms
  • Update information: Automatically update account or user attributes
  • Celebrate milestone: Notify team members about a milestone completion
  • Notify team: Notify the account team about specific conditions on the account
  • Call a webhook: Trigger actions in external systems

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