Manage Totango users

Who can use this feature?

Invite your team to use Totango! Totango supports managing Totango users in the following ways:

  1. Totango user profile: Each Totango user can update info and signature for their own profiles
  2. Totango User screen: Global admins and those with User Management permissions can manage all Totango user attributes and update profiles, change status and license, and other bulk user actions
  3. File integration: Upload new users, update existing information
  4. API or Okta: Create new users, update existing information, and more

Understand status and license allocation

The following statuses apply to Totango users: 

  • Created: Invited but has not accepted invitation
  • Active: Accepted invitation and finished profile setup
  • Disabled: System access removed; can be activated again
  • Created (Disabled): Created user in a disabled state (only via Customer Data Hub)
  • Deleted: System access and user profile removed (not viewable in user management)

Only users with an "Active" status count toward license allocation for the selected license applied to the profile. Refer to your subscription plan.

Any user you add with an email address will not count toward license allocation.

Invite a Totango user

Use the following process to invite Totango users individually or in small batches. Team Admins can invite new users from within the Team Members tab of Team settings.

To bulk upload users, refer to these steps.

  1. From Settings, expand User Management > Totango Users.
  2. Click +Invite User.
  3. Enter one or more email addresses separated by comma (recommend for 10 or fewer).
  4. Optionally enable global admin permissions.

    Global admins can access everything in Totango. We recommend you apply this role sparingly. Instead, consider managing permissions through a custom team role.

  5. Choose the license type to apply to the user.
  6. For each team that you want to add the user to, choose the team role to apply.
  7. Optionally send an invitation email with a link to complete user setup. Clear this option if you prefer to create all of your users in advance but withhold invitation until a later date via bulk send.
  8. Click Invite.

The user status is denoted as "Created" until the user accepts the invitation and completes profile setup. You can edit user information, re-send invitation, or cancel invitation for users in "Created" status.

Users must click the invitation link in the email to finish profile setup, including first name, last name, and password.


Once setup is complete, the user status is denoted as "Active."

Edit Totango user profiles

Totango user profiles include attributes that are specific to the Totango users object. Edit profile data to update Totango user attributes, change licenses, add a manager, or update teams and roles.

You can also apply the following actions in bulk to multiple user profiles: Send invitation, delete, activate, disable, update license, and add to a team.

Some bulk actions are not applicable based on the user or status (e.g., cannot activate or disable "Created" users, cannot send invitations to "Active" users, cannot disable or delete global admins). 

  1. From Settings, expand User Management > Totango Users.
  2. From the Totango users screen, click on the user to open the user profile.
  3. Edit the available user information within the following dimensions:
    • User identity, including name and license (or global admin).

      You cannot edit a user's email address* or change the user's license from Practitioner or Contributor to Viewer. To move a user from a Practitioner/Contributor to a Viewer, you can delete the user (including reassign resources) and invite the user again as a new user with a Viewer license.

    • User master data, including custom Totango users attributes
    • Allocation (availability only)
    • Alternative email address
    • General (read only)
    • Usage (read only)
    • Teams
  4. Click Save.

*In most cases, the Totango user's email address is used as the user ID. If you need to change a user's email address without affecting the user ID, you can do this when Totango UUID is enabled. This mechanism allows Totango admins to change user email addresses without affecting the user ID. Please contact Totango Support to enable Totango UUID.

Reassign Totango user resources

Whenever someone leaves your company or no longer requires Totango access, we recommend reassigning the resources so that other Totango users can still manage them. You can reassign content to any Totango user that already exists.

  1. From Settings, expand User Management > Totango Users.
  2. From the Totango users screen, locate the user whose resources you want to reassign.
  3. Click the Ellipses (...) next to the user, and then click Reassign user resources.
  4. In the Assign Resources and Responsibilities window, choose reassignment preferences:
    • Shared resource: Campaigns, segments, SuccessPlays, SuccessBLOCs, reports
      • For campaigns where the original user was listed as a sender or a BCC, the reassigned user will replace them (applies to campaigns in Active or Draft status only)
      • The "shared resource" option is shown only for users who have a Practitioner (Spark) license.
    • Private resources: Segments, SuccessPlays, SuccessBLOCs
      • Both shared and private resources will display the reassigned user as the owner of the resource(s). For tasks within SuccessPlays where the original user was listed in the "Assigned by," the reassigned user will replace them. 
    • Accounts and open tasks: Choose the user to assign to.
      • The reassigned user's account assignment role will be updated and added to the account team for any accounts where that role is relevant. The original user will be removed from the account team under the reassigned role.
      • Any open tasks that were assigned to the original user will be assigned to the reassigned user. Completed tasks will not be updated.

        Learn more about configuring a task assignment policy.

    • Team management role: Choose a user to denote as team manager (applies to employee hierarchy).
      • Any system users who were direct reports of the original user will now be direct reports of the reassigned user, and the manager will be replaced in the employee hierarchy team settings.
      • The "team management" option is shown only for users who have a Practitioner (Spark) license AND employee hierarchy is enabled.
  5. Click Save.

The reassigned user will be notified via email on new tasks and new accounts now owned.

Disable or delete a Totango user

Prior to disabling or deleting Totango users in bulk, we recommend reassigning user resources (see above), otherwise Totango removes assets owned by that user, including SuccessBLOCs. Reassignment of user resources is required when disabling or deleting a user individually. 

  1. From the Totango users screen, locate the user you want to remove.
  2. Click the Ellipses (...) next to the user, and then click Disable user or Delete user.
  3. Reassign resources, and click Save.

Totango sends email notifications to users when their profile is disabled or re-enabled.

When a SuccessPlay runs and a task is created, Totango updates the "Last Activity" time of the SuccessPlay creator, even if that user is disabled. This is why you may see a recent activity date for a disabled user.


Question: What happens to the shared resources if deleting users in bulk?

Answer: The shared resources are not reassigned and the deleted users will still be displayed as the resource owner. We don't recommend deleting users in bulk that own shared resources.

Question: What if my account assignment roles are synced from or another source?

Answer: You must update the role in the source system and allow it to sync across. Once the sync is complete, the reassignment happens automatically.

Question: What if the re-assigned user does not share the same teams as the original user?

Answer: The re-assigned user will be added to all the teams which the original user belongs to. This action is done by the system; no need to add the original user manually.

Question: I'm reassigning resources to another user but don't see the shared resources and team management options. Why not?

Answer: Those options are available when the user for whom you are assigning resources from has a Practitioner (Spark) license. Those options do not apply to users who have a Contributors (Zoe) or Viewer license.

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