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Success plans allow you to capture mutual objectives with customers, and document an action plan to achieve them. You can optionally share success plans with your customers, so that they can view and complete tasks assigned to them within their own portal.

For guided training, check out this video: Developing Success Plans (part Leading Customers to Success).

Add a plan summary

The plan summary is a text area to capture your customer's high-level objectives and key milestones. A best practice is to document what the customer is looking to achieve in the next 3-12 months. Other team members can view the plan summary and add to it if they have appropriate permissions. 

The plan summary is not shareable with customers, so you can include internal notes.

  1. Open the Plan tab for the account profile view that you want to update.
  2. In the Plan Summary, click Add or Edit if a plan summary exists.
  3. Make your notes in the editor, using formatting options available as needed.
  4. Click Close.

The last updated user and the time stamp is visible in the summary.

Add objectives

An objective is a short sentence to describe your customer's mutual objective. You can choose to use objectives that are pre-configured, or you can create custom objectives.

You can add objectives to success plans directly or via SuccessPlay.

Global admins or users with advanced permissions can configure objective status and category under Settings > Customer Engagement > Objective Settings.

Add an objective from the library

  1. From within the Plan tab, the Quick Actions (+) bar, and click Add Objective (flag icon).
  2. Choose from the list of objectives in the library. Click to expand the objective to see the SuccessPlays included.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Click to customize the due dates and assignment of the associated SuccessPlay(s) and task(s).
  5. Click Add.

Add a custom objective

  1. From within the Plan tab, click +Add New Objective.
  2. Enter a name and description.

    Objectives have the ability to be shared with customers, so keep that in mind when you add details. Refer to S.M.A.R.T principles.

  3. Choose a Status, Category, Start Date, and End Date.
  4. Choose one or more SuccessPlays already present on the account to group it under the objective. Or, choose to run a new play after creating the objective.

    Only any active (not complete) plays that have been assigned to the account can be linked to your new objective. If no plays are available to choose from, that means no plays have been added to the account that need to be completed.

  5. Click Create.

Add SuccessPlays or tasks to an objective

In addition to the objective itself, add specific steps via tasks and/or SuccessPlays that will drive the completion of this objective. You can use any combination of plays and tasks in an objective—including building custom plays specific to this customer.

Add a pre-configured SuccessPlay

  1. Hover over the objective you want to modify, and click the Ellipses button.
  2. Click Run a SuccessPlay.
  3. Search for a play, or locate one from the list. Hover over the play, and click Select.
  4. Review the associated task(s). You can customize due dates, owners, or task details. You can also delete tasks or add new actions. Changes to the play remain only on this account and will not be reflected in the template.
  5. Click Run SuccessPlay.

Add a custom SuccessPlay

If the available SuccessPlays don't apply, you can create a play on the fly. Any custom plays are only added to this account.

If it's a process that should be available to everyone on your team, work with your admin to add this as a SuccessPlay within a SuccessBLOC so it can be reused.

  1. Hover over the objective you want to modify, and click the Ellipses button.
  2. Click Run a SuccessPlay.
  3. Choose the +Custom SuccessPlay option at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Provide the name description and tasks you want added to the play.
  5. Click Save to add it to this account.


Add a task

You can add one-off tasks that are not part of a play.

One-off tasks that are not part of a play, those objectives are not shareable externally with your customers, and those one-off tasks will fall under a different bucket in the customer’s view.

  1. Hover over the objective you want to modify, and click the Ellipses button.
  2. Click Add task.
  3. Enter task details, and click Save.

View plans across your account hierarchy

If you are using complex hierarchy, use the hierarchy filters within the Plan tab to view the plan for the current account and all the child accounts in a single view.


Generate an outcome success plan report

If you have access to view standard reports within a SuccessBLOC, you can generate an outcome success plan report to see all objectives for the team's account scope. You can sort the report by column headers, including objective start date, end date, status, and category.

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