Remove accounts from Totango

Who can use this feature?

Totango includes the following options for removing accounts from your instance. 

  1. Archive: Remove obsolete or unused accounts (reversible)
  2. Block: Prevents an account from re-entering your instance from an integration (reversible)
  3. Delete: Permanently delete archived or blocked accounts (not reversible)

Archived, blocked, and deleted accounts are not counted against your subscription.

Blocking an account was formerly known as "junking." If you had accounts marked under the former junking process, they will be available in the archive.

Archive and block account

You can archive an account from the segment list view or from an account profile. Any archived account is also automatically blocked.

  1. From an account segment, select one or more accounts and click Archive Account. Or, from an account profile, click the Ellipses (...) > Archive.
  2. From the confirmation, click Archive.

The account is moved to archive (Data Management > Archive).

  • The account no longer appears in segmentation or search results
  • No data processing will occur for archived data, such as daily health calculations
  • Any users associated with the account do not show up in segmentation but are still searchable; however, clicking on the account name from a user profile results in an "account not found" message 

Modify or delete archived accounts

The Archive within Data Management allows you to to restore, unblock, or delete accounts. An account remains in the archive indefinitely, unless you choose to delete it or if a data retention policy is configured for your instance.

  1. From Settings, expand Data Management > Archive. All accounts that have been archived and/or blocked appear.
  2. Search for an account you want to modify.
  3. Hover over the account, and choose the option you want:
    • Restore: Remove the account from the archive. The account will be searchable in Totango again and processed like other accounts.
    • Unblock: Keep the account in the archive, but allow the account to re-enter your Totango instance if it's synced from a data integration.*
    • Delete: The account and associated data will be deleted entirely from Totango. This action cannot be reversed; use with caution.
      • *If the account was blocked prior to deletion, an entry with the account name will remain in the archive to indicate that it's still blocked. If you unblock a deleted account, the account entry will permanently disappear from the archive. 


Question: Can I archive a user or contact?

Answer: Archiving user records is not supported. See above for how users are handled for archived accounts.

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