Use Totango as a Viewer

Totango "Viewers" can access read-only platform functionality for purposes of visibility. Viewers are typically executive leadership and team members who need view access to customer data, workflows, and performance.

See all user license types for more details.

What you need to know about Viewers

What you can do in Totango as a Viewer

Viewers can use view-only features within Totango. Viewers cannot be assigned to accounts or tasks.

See feature comparison for more details.

  1. My Portfolio
    • My Portfolio Widget: Get a health snapshot for customer base
    • Notifications: See notifications for accounts 
    • Agenda: View tasks for accounts

    Limitations: No access to Attention or My Folder. No filtering My Portfolio tabs by "my" activity. No quick actions for adding touchpoints, adding tasks, adding accounts, requesting information, or running SuccessPlays.

  2. Account profile

    Limitations: Read only access to attributes. No ability to add contacts, archive accounts, or modify account configuration. No quick actions for adding touchpoints, tasks, objectives, requesting information, generating presentations, or running SuccessPlays. 

  3. Segments
    • Create new segments for account, user, and custom collection objects (no saving)
    • Use segment views: List, Progress, Timeline, Work
    • View and search for public segments in SuccessBLOCs

    Limitations: No ability to save or follow segments. 

  4. Search and navigation

    Limitations: No access to global settings. No access to Revenue Center. No access to send customer information from Totango (Zoe assistant).

Suggested uses for Viewers

Let's see how these personas can benefit as a Totango Viewer.

  1. Vice President of Sales: See customer health at a macro and micro level to ensure customer renewals and drive expansion.

  2. Product Manager: Get broad visibility into the full range of customers, product utilization, and account health.

  3. Director of Support: View recent customer actions and conversations with CS to help prioritize business-critical tickets.

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