Manage account assignment (team roles)

Who can use this feature?

Account assignment refers to explicit naming of team members who work on an account in a formal capacity, known as a team role—Success Managers (CSM), Sales Managers, Onboarding Manager, Executive Sponsor, and so on.

These types of roles indicate ownership of an account.

  1. How they're created
    • Totango provides two account assignment roles by default: Success Manager, Sales Manager
    • Global admins and users with advanced permissions can define the account assignment roles that are available
  2. How they're assigned
    • If permissions allow, team members can modify account assignment from the Account Assignment widget from an account profile
    • Account assignment can alternatively be managed automatically via integration or SuccessPlay
  3. How they're used

Add a new account assignment role

Global admins or users with advanced permissions can add or update account assignment roles. Account assignment roles are saved as account level attributes, which you can also use in segmentation engines.

  1. From Settings, expand User Management > Account Assignment.
  2. Click +Add New Role.
  3. Set a display name and description.
  4. For Source, leave the defaults set if you want your teams to be able to edit this value within Totango.

    If you plan to update account assignment dynamically from an integration, it's common practice to remove the ability to edit account assignment from within Totango.

  5. Choose the behavior to apply if the attribute value is empty (applies to uploads only).
  6. Click Create Attribute.

The role appears in the list of team roles.


If denoted as editable, your teams can choose this value anywhere the Account Assignment field is present (e.g., account profile, SuccessPlay task assignment, campaigns, segmentation).

Assign a Totango user to an account

Account assignment can be managed per account, updated via bulk edit in segments, updated from an integration, or via SuccessPlay.

Update account assignment from an account profile

Any team member with access to update account information can update account assignment from the Account Assignment widget.

Any active Practitioner or Contributor user can be assigned to an account from the widget. Account assignment for Viewer users is possible via integration or SuccessPlay.

  1. Open an account profile.
  2. From the Account Assignment widget, click Add Account Assignment Member.
  3. From the Team Role drop-down, choose the account assignment role you want to add. There can only be one role assigned per account.
  4. From the User drop-down, choose the Totango team member to assign to the selected role.
  5. Click Add.

Update account assignment from an integration

Rather than set account assignment manually, you may choose to update based on file upload or data connection with your company CRM system.

Account assignment via an integration can name any Practitioner, Contributor, or Viewer user type.

Account Assignment information usually contains the Account Assignment email and the Account Assignment name. We recommend using only the Account Assignment email and map it to the Account Assignment (tid) field: <account role>___tid (contains three underscores).

For example, sales_manager___tid.

Ensure the name and email values match the exact spelling of the name associated with the Totango user profile. 

In case the source system contains the only Account Assignment name info, then use it and map it to the Account Assignment field. Keep in mind that syncing data based on name only can become an issue in case several people have the same full name. 

Update account assignment from a SuccessPlay

Refer to this article for more details on all SuccessPlay options.

Account assignment via a SuccessPlay can name any active Practitioner, Contributor, or Viewer user type who is part of the team where the SuccessPlay originates.

  1. Create a new event-based SuccessPlay. Choose your target criteria for when you want the play to run (e.g., a new account gets created, an account leaves onboarding, etc.).
  2. Choose the "Update Information" action.
  3. Set the following properties for the action:
    • Activity: Update Value
    • Attribute: The team role you want to update (e.g., Success Manager, Sales Manager, etc.).
    • Attribute Value: The user you want to assign
  4. Save and activate the play.

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