Configure attributes for Totango users

Who can use this feature?

Totango user attributes represent all the information about a Totango user. This information is editable in the user profile or via integration. You can use Totango user information in the following ways:

  1. Edit columns and sort the Totango users view
  2. Query user information in Totango Users segments
  3. Create Totango user pools based on user information for dynamic task assignment and to monitor work focus (Team Spotlight)


View system Totango users attributes

System Totango users attributes cannot be deleted, but you can edit dimensions and display names (except for User ID).

  1. From Settings, expand User Management > Totango Users > Totango Users Attributes.
  2. System attributes appear with a gear icon. Click on an attribute to view properties.

Learn more about required attributes when importing user information from other system. Noteworthy system attributes include:

  • Status: Determines system access and license allocation. Cannot be modified by integration.
  • Totango Role: Identifies a default Totango role (e.g., Regular User or Global Admin). Cannot be modified by integration.
  • Manager Id: Used if employee hierarchy is enabled
  • User ID: Identified by email address
  • Availability: Used for dynamic task assignment
  • Alternative email address: "From" and "Reply To" options for campaigns that is different than the sending address.
  • Usage and Totango Usage: Metrics to provide visibility into usage of Totango; can be disabled

Add a custom Totango users attribute

Enhance the default user information to support advanced use cases, such as passing custom data from other sources on a regular basis. 

  1. From Settings, expand User Management > Totango Users > Totango Users Attributes.
  2. Click +Add Totango User Attribute.
  3. Set attribute properties:
    • Display name: Appears on the Totango user profile and within Totango Users segments. Attributes will be displayed in alphabetical order within the dimension chosen.
    • Type: Choose from Text, Date, or Number
    • Dimension: Choose how you want to group the attribute. To display within an existing category on a Totango user profile, choose from the following: User identity, user master data, allocation, usage, or general. For any other dimension chosen, the attribute will appear under a separate category on the Totango user profile.
  4. Click Save.

The attribute is available for edit on the Totango user profile.

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