Manage employee hierarchy

Who can use this feature?

Employee hierarchy provides you with an additional option to manage users based on levels within your organizational structure. 

Enable employee hierarchy

Enabling employee hierarchy is a permanent setting. Once enabled, the following functionality is enabled and cannot be turned off:

  1. A built-in "Manager" attribute to assign a manager to a Totango user
  2. Additional filters within account segmentation, including dynamic assignment for team account sets and team members
  3. A "Default Manager Role" setting for all teams
  4. An additional option to filter My Portfolio default settings for team members: "Accounts of direct reports that have a role in the account assignment"
  5. An option to reassign direct reports when management changes
  6. An option to filter the Work Focus dashboard by direct reports of a manager
  7. Individuals with access to Totango Users segments see only information for themselves (rather than every member of the team). Managers see only information for themselves and for direct reports.

    Applying a Team Admin role overrides manager scope within Totango Users segments. See more about team member scope

  1. From Settings, expand User Management > Totango Users > General Settings.
  2. Select the option to Enable Employee Hierarchy in Totango.
  3. Click Confirm.

Totango enables employee hierarchy options in segmentation engines, user profiles, team settings, and Work Focus (Team Spotlight). Totango also applies precedence rules within Totango Users segments.

Assign managers

Once employee hierarchy is enabled, you'll see a "Manager" drop-down within all user profiles. You can also update these values in bulk with a file upload.

Alternatively, you may use "Manager External Id" to manage employee hierarchy outside of Totango.

  1. From Settings, expand User Management > Totango Users.
  2. Click the user you want to view.
  3. Choose a manager from the Manager drop-down.
  4. Click Save.

Filter by direct reports

Once employee hierarchy options are enabled, you can determine how you want to apply manager-based segmentation (see filter options below).

Team settings

Determine team settings based on manager.

  1. Account Set: Optionally apply manager-based filters to dynamically determine the accounts team members are allowed to view
  2. Team Members: Optionally apply manager-based filters to dynamically add members to the team
  3. Advanced Settings: For each team role, optionally set the default account scope for "My Portfolio" to include accounts of direct reports with an account assignment role

Account segments

You can apply manager-based segmentation to any segment based on the account object. Optionally create manager-based segments to use within scorecard KPIs.

Using the "quick filters" on a segment or scorecard (All, My, Other) applies to the defined account set for the team; no additional options are included for employee hierarchy.

Employee hierarchy filter options

You'll see the following filter options within account segmentation:

  • Direct Reports of: The people who report directly into that individual (any role)
  • Direct Reports who are not managers of: Direct reports who do manage other team members (any role)
  • All Reports: Anyone who rolls up into that individual, including direct and not direct reports (any role)

All employee hierarchy filters include parameters to further segment by account assignment role (optional).


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