Configure Totango user usage

Who can use this feature?

Totango usage analytics provide visibility into your team's usage of Totango. You can turn these analytics on or off at any time, and you can configure the integration properties.

Once enabled, team members who have access to Totango Users segments can query on data points within the Totango usage dimension.

Enable or disable Totango user usage

Totango user usage is enabled by default for Totango customers on paying plans.

  1. From Settings, expand User Management > Totango Users > General Settings.
  2. Select the option to enable / disable Totango users usage information.

Settings are automatically saved. If enabled, you'll see a new "Totango Usage" connector appear within Customer Data Hub (see below). If you disable, you will remove that connector.

Configure properties for the Totango usage integration

Configure the integration if you want to modify the list of available data points that team members can query on within Totango Users segments (Totango usage dimension).

  1. From Settings, expand Data Management > Customer Data Hub.
  2. Click the Totango Usage connector to view the integration.

    If you don't see this option, ensure that Totango user usage is enabled.

  3. From the Ellipses (...), click Edit to view integration to view properties.
  4. Make changes to the default metrics, such deleting rows that you don't want to make available.
  5. Click Validate Mapping, and then click Save.

The data point is no longer available to query on within the Totango Users segment.

Default usage metrics

The default metrics included in the Totango usage integration include. Where available (d), time period options include 1, 7, 30, or 90 days.

Usage metrics are updated once every day.

Type Details
  • First activity date
  • Last activity date
  • Number of active days (d)
  • Number of Activities (d)
  • Time Spent (d)
  • Accounts (d)
  • mobile (d)
  • Reports (d)
  • Segments (d)
  • SuccessPlay (d)
  • Tasks (d)
  • Add Touchpoint (d)
  • Change My Portfolio Settings (d)
  • Create New Account Segment (d)
  • Create New User Segment (d)
  • Create Report (d)
  • Edit Report (d)
  • Edit Touchpoint(d)
  • Export Segment (d)
  • File Uploaded(d)
  • Mobile added touch point(d)
  • Mobile app started (d)
  • Mobile app started (d)
  • Mobile Completed A Task (d)
  • Mobile Create A Task (d)
  • Mobile Search Accounts (d)
  • Mobile View Account Profile (d)
  • My Portfolio (d)
  • Notifications (d)
  • Update Task (d)
  • Update Touchpoint (d)
  • View Account Profile (d)
  • View Account Segment (d)
  • View Notifications (d)
  • View Report (d)
  • View Timeline (d)
  • View User Segment (d)
  • Zoe User - Add Touchpoint (d)
  • Zoe User - Update Touchpoint (d)
  • Zoe User - View Notification (d)
  • Zoe User - View Timeline (d)

Activities with "Zoe User" in the name refer to users with a Contributor license.

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