Add an alternative email address for Totango users

Who can use this feature?

If you've authenticated your domain, Totango's email structure sends campaigns and touchpoint emails from your company's primary domain while relaying through a subdomain. For example:

Email from is relayed through

If your corporate email policy does not allow this relay, you may designate an authorized reply to email (e.g.,, while sending from your Totango authorized subdomain. For example:

A Totango user may send out a campaign under their authorized user name / email ( but replies can be redirected to another email address (

This functionality can be especially useful if you want to redirect customers to a group inbox or cannot accept incoming emails with a subdomain contained in the outbound emails.

Add an alternative email address

Specify alternative email addresses per user within Totango user management. An alternative email applies to campaigns, external touchpoints, and sharing success plans via Customer Portal.

  1. From Settings, expand User Management > Totango Users.
  2. From the Totango users screen, click on the user to open the user profile.
  3. From the Alternative Email Address section, click Add alternative email address.
  4. Optionally add an alternative address for 'From" and/or 'Reply To'.
  5. Click Save.

Important notes

  • This is a change to your user settings so it is an “all or nothing” choice that affects all the user's emails (e.g., campaigns, touchpoints, sharing success plans via Customer Portal)
  • Can only redirect to the approved and authenticated domain
  • All standard email rules apply

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