Understand Zoe and Totango Insights

Who can use this feature?

  • Zoe integration configurations require global admin or advanced permissions
  • Zoe capabilities are offered under unlimited and/or individual user licenses

Zoe is designed to help your teams share information from Totango with anyone in your company using a variety of channels. The available options have different license structures.

What you can do with Zoe

  1. Zoe for sharing outside of Totango Web: Allow Totango users to share data from Totango ad hoc or on an automated schedule via Slack message or email
  2. Zoe for Slack: Allow anyone in your company's Slack workspace to query Totango data from within Slack
  3. Zoe Web (direct): Allow limited access to Totango features for designated users
  4. Zoe for ServiceNow: Allow ServiceNow users to access Totango insights
  5. Totango Insights in Salesforce: Allow anyone in your company's Salesforce application to view Totango customer data for an account
  6. Totango Insights in Zendesk: Allow anyone in your company's Zendesk application to view Totango customer data for an account

What you need to know

  • Any Spark user can share data outside of Totango using Zoe (no license required)
  • An unlimited license is required for automating scheduled shares from Spark, using Zoe for Slack, Zoe for Zendesk, and others
  • A named user license is required for Zoe Web, Zoe for Salesforce, and others

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