Configure Zoe for ServiceNow

Who can use this feature?

  • Zoe integration configurations require global admin or advanced permissions
  • Zoe capabilities are offered under unlimited and/or individual user licenses

Set up the Totango token

  1. Find your Totango API token.
  2. In ServiceNow Zoe application settings, set “totango_insights_token” system property (x_totan_zoe_by_tot.totango_insights_token) to the token.

Define ServiceNow reference for Incident.Caller

The connection between ServiceNow and Totango is based on user email. Define Totango insights macro as a reference to the Incident.Caller field.

  1. From the Dictionary page, search for the caller_id field in the incident table.
  2. Add Totango insights macro as a reference to the caller field by adding the UI macro name to the attributes field:
  3. If the attributes field already contains a reference another UI macro, just add the Totango insights UI macro to the same reference (separated by semicolons), for example:
  4. Add company text to the Dependent field. 

Test the configuration

After setting up the Totango token, test the token settings by going to this URL:

<your ServiceNow url>/<an end user which appears in your Totango>

An example using our sandbox env:

This URL should open a window including information on the user and its company.
If it shows any information about the user, the Totango token was setup correctly.





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