Configure the Totango app in Zendesk

Who can use this feature?

The Totango app in Zendesk allows your teams to view Totango insights within the Zendesk UI, even without requiring a Totango user license.

What you can do with the Totango app in Zendesk

View a Totango widget on the Zendesk ticket profile. Give your support team instant access user and account insights during every support interaction. 


Install the Totango app in Zendesk

The Totango Zendesk application is available in the Zendesk Marketplace. You must be a Zendesk admin user to install. 

Totango and Zendesk share information via user email address as the unique identifiers. Your Totango implementation should use the same email address as the Totango user ID.

  1. Log into Totango, and copy your API token key. (Integration tab of your user profile.)
  2. Log into your Zendesk account and click on the Admin cog in the lower left of the page.
  3. Under the Apps section, click on Browse.
  4. Locate the Totango app and click on the tile.
  5. On the Totango app details page, click on the Install button in the upper right-hand corner.
  6. Copy your Totango API token key into the API Key field.

Customize the app

You can customize the app and control what fields are displayed.

  • Title: The widget title in Zendesk 
  • Api Key: Totango Token
  • Fallback Custom Field: The value of a custom field in the ticket on Zendesk
  • Fallback Totango Attribute: Zendesk widget is looking for the user using his email. Use this to set up the User attribute contains the email (in case the user ID in Totango is not an email).
  • Totango account attributes to show: Add a list of account attributes API names in sequence. The attributes will appear in the sequence you have entered. ["Attribute1 API name","Attribute2 API name"]
  • Show Totango account tags: Hide or show account tags

If a user (ticket requester) is associated with multiple accounts, the widget does not follow a set logic to determine which account is shown first. Currently, the widget does not support setting a default account for a user.

If your data center is located in EU, please make sure to submit your service_id in the below field:

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