Understand historical data

Totango retains object and attribute level data based on system policies. Historical data varies by object and attribute.

Item Details
Account history 365 days
User history No historical data is collected for user objects
Collection history No historical data is collected for collection objects
Tasks/Touchpoints  Not deleted
Touchpoint info in segments   6 month 
Relative changes in numeric attributes 365 days
Lifecycle stage days count Not deleted (days count does not reset)
Assets Not deleted. If the asset is a link it will get deleted once the source link gets deleted.
Segments, SuccessBlocs, campaigns, SuccessPlays Not deleted


Question: Do you delete objects?

Answer: By default, no objects are deleted from the UI. Global admins and users with advanced permissions can optionally configure data retention policies for individual objects.

Question: Are account objects purged after 365 days?

Answer: No, this value refers to historical changes for an account. Active customer accounts are not deleted. See data retention policies for inactive accounts.

Global admins and users with advanced permissions can optionally change account history retention to 90 days.

Question: What does touchpoint info in segments mean?

Answer: This refers to the touchpoint collection segment. We only show 6 months of data in this segment. The touchpoint itself remains visible from the timeline in the related account profile.

Question: What about health data? 

Answer: Health reporting stays in the product for 365. The health widget on the account profile shows 6 months back.

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