Manage editability for data (read only)

Who can use this feature?

Set an attribute to read only within Totango to prevent teams from altering data. This option is often used for specific data points brought in from other systems where Totango is not the system of record. You can set any editable account-level and user-level attributes to read only.

Hierarchy roll-ups, custom metrics, and usage aggregation are not editable and therefore are always read only.

Set an attribute as read only

  1. Within Settings, expand Data Management > Data Modeler.
  2. Click on the account or user attribute you want to modify.
  3. From within the attribute properties, clear the "Editability" check box next to Can be edited in Totango.

    Attributes that ingest their value into Totango from another system may have a writeback capability enabled to ensure values are reconciled between both systems. To make these values read only, you must disable the writeback.

  4. Click Save.

The attribute will no longer have a "✓" next to it in Data Modeler.


Depending on the visibility settings of the attribute, all team members can still see the attribute value in account profiles and segments. However, the ability to edit (pencil icon) will no longer be available.

Before (editable):


After (read only):


Read only settings apply to everyone, including global admins.


Question: Is it possible to set the editability of an attribute only on a certain hierarchy of an account?

Answer: The editability of an attribute is done as a whole and cannot be configured differently for different account levels.

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