Understand data processing schedules

Changes to attributes made directly in the Totango UI are updated in real time. Other updates to data that require calculations, triggers, or ingestion from a third-party data source are processed according to the following schedules:

Item Schedule Notes
Metrics and calculations
Trend KPIs in scorecards Daily Today's data will reflect after the daily data aggregation job runs (i.e., midnight of the service timezone).
Changes to attribute values
Daily Anytime you make a change to an account attribute value that may be used in a health profile, changes to the account's health may be reflected the following day (i.e., after midnight of the service timezone).
Changes to active profiles
Immediately Anytime you make a change to an active
health model (
multidimensional or account health), Totango immediately recalculates health from that point forward. It may take some time to propagate through all accounts.

Additionally, you can optionally tell Totango to also calculate 
past health according to the current health configuration for up to 180 days*.
Usage metrics Daily Includes value metrics (Engagement scores, Usage frequency, Time spent, Active users, and License utilization) and user-level usage counts for # of modules and activities
Usage activity stream Real time User-level module/activity data that is streamed, including Usage Monitor (Executive Console), the account profile Usage:Activity Stream tab, and user profile. Includes the "Today" drop-down option on the Usage:Modules and Usage:Activities tabs of the account profile. 
First / Last activity Real time  
Custom metrics Real time Dependent on the integration schedule if applicable to the data source
Hierarchy roll-ups Real time  
Applications and triggers*
Tagging Near real time Evaluated every 20 minutes
SuccessPlays Near real time Evaluated every 20 minutes
Campaigns (ongoing) Near real time

Evaluated every 20 minutes

Third-party data
API data updates Real time

JavascriptHTTP, or Data Hub API

Scheduled integration Custom schedule

Dependent on the integration schedule configured for the data source

Zendesk integration (Support widget) Once an hour

Additionally, every night Totango's integration engine validates past year's data to verify that Totango and Zendesk are fully synced.

*Depends on the data used. If pulling data that is not updated in real time (e.g., health), the last known value is processed.

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