Manage visibility for sensitive user data

Who can use this feature?

Sensitive data refers to personally identifiable information (PII) that you want to remove from visibility on a user profile in Totango, except for global admins. Any user-level attribute can be marked as sensitive.*

Teams can still segment on user attributes that have been marked as sensitive. For example, teams can target a campaign to users, but the actual email addresses will not be visible. 

*The system user attribute "Name" cannot be marked as sensitive. We recommend using a GUID when importing data for this attribute if the end-user names are considered sensitive. 

Mark a user attribute as sensitive

  1. Within Settings, expand Data Management > Data Modeler.
  2. From the User Attributes tab, click on the attribute you want to modify.
  3. From within the attribute properties, choose Yes next to Sensitive Data.
  4. Click Save.

The attribute will be denoted with a shield icon in Data Modeler.

Only global admins can view this data on a user profile within Totango: 

Other team members can edit the value but cannot see the value displayed:


Question: What is the difference between privileged and sensitive data?

Answer: Sensitive data within Totango refers to user-level information (e.g., PII). Sensitive data is only visible by global admins. Privileged and hidden data within Totango refers to account-level information. This data is visible based on team account scope or role permissions.

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