Manage your subscription

Who can use this feature?

If you have an existing paid subscription, you can manage plans and billing information from one place. Options to increase plan and usage capacity without switching plans may depend on your contract type.

Control who can modify your subscription

Global admins who already have this permission set for themselves can set it for other users.

  1. From Settings, click User Management > Permissions > Subscription Permissions.
  2. Choose the specific user(s) you want to allow to modify the subscription.

Once added, a Subscription nav item appears for the logged in user within Settings.

View plans and usage

The plans and billing page is available to global admins and users with advanced permissions (see above). 

  1. From Settings, click Subscription from the left nav.
  2. Under Plans & Usage, view current usage and capacity for each area. Hover over a dial for more details, if available.

Usage indicators are also available from the following areas:

- Emails: SuccessBLOC > Campaigns tab. 
- Users: User Management > Totango Users
- Accounts: Data Management > Customer Data Hub
- Opportunities: Data Management > Customer Data Hub
Refer to resolve customer account overages for more details.

Choose a new add-on for your subscription

The option to upgrade from within Totango is available to users with appropriate permissions and if your contract type allows. Contact your Sales rep for more information. 

  1. From Settings, click Subscription from the left nav.
  2. Click Upgrade for the available add-on(s).

    Details of the transaction are unique for each circumstance. They include:
    • What exactly is being added to your subscription
    • How much does each add-on cost (annually)
    • The prorated charge for today
    • That once you added an add-on to your subscription, the commitment is made until the end of the contract. In other words, the downgrade is not available until the renewal date.

When the transaction is complete, you'll receive a confirmation message. You'll also receive an email that includes the summary of the upgrade, following an invoice shortly after. The upgrade will become a part of your subscription going forward, and you can use the new capabilities right away.

If you perform an action that puts you over your current limit, Totango also provides the option to buy a subscription add-on. For example, if you have 1 unoccupied seat under your plan, and you invite 2 or more users, Totango provides the option prior to completing the invitation.

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