Resolve customer account overages

Who can use this feature?

As your usage of Totango grows, we expect your customer base to grow! Totango provides indicators for account usage within Settings on the Plan & Billing section and in Customer Data Hub.

  • Green: Utilization is below 80%
  • Yellow: Utilization is between 80-100%
  • Red: Utilization is above 100%

View customer accounts counted toward quota

Your subscription quota includes all active parent/child and archived accounts. Blocked and deleted accounts do not count against your subscription quota.

  1. Open Settings > Subscription (or Customer Data Hub).
  2. Hover over the dial to view a breakdown of usage, if available.
  3. From the customer accounts overage indicator, click the eye icon.
  4. A segment opens with the list of accounts counted toward the quota.

What happens when a customer account overage occurs?

The customer accounts indicator appears red with an option to fix. Global admins also see an indicator warning in Totango and will be notified via email. 

When the system detects an overage in accounts:

  1. Manual creation of new accounts will become unavailable
  2. Existing accounts continue to be updated manually or via integration
  3. Integration jobs are switched into limited mode*

*An attempt to create a new account during an integration job causes an error that will result in partial or full job failure under error code 4402 (Account was not created - account limit exceeded). Under some circumstances, the integration jobs may not immediately fail due to overages. This will result in the successful creation of new accounts over the purchased quota. The design is a courtesy to our customers to allow critical data syncs to be completed. However, since when entire quota has been consumed, there is no guarantee the very next job will not fail due to error 4402, so we encourage no one to rely on this mechanism. Generally speaking, if the indicator is red, assume no new accounts will be created.

Fix account overages by:

As soon as the issue resolves, the system will stop the timer and will remove any warning messages.

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