Configure Zoe for Slack

Who can use this feature?

Slack for Zoe requires the following permissions for configuration:

  1. Admin or owner-user in Slack
  2. Totango admin permissions

Zoe for Slack does not require an unlimited license, but capabilities are limited with the free edition. Learn more.

If your organization's Slack admin does not have Totango admin account, consider creating a temporary Totango global admin user to share with your IT team who manages Slack. Post installation, disable the temporary Totango admin user.

Install the Zoe Slack application

The Zoe Slack application is available within the Slack app directory. 

  1. Visit the Slack app directory for Zoe.
  2. From the app page, click Sign in to install (to choose the workspace and authenticate) or Add to Slack (if signed in).
  3. Click Install Zoe.
  4. When redirected Totango, click Add to Slack.
  5. Choose your permission preferences and the default channel.
  6. Click Allow.
  7. When successful, click OK.
  8. Zoe is added as a new app within your Slack workspace. 

Add the Zoe Slack bot to Totango teams

To define the account set that Zoe can access, add the Zoe Slack bot to every team that Zoe should be able to access.


  1. From within Totango, click Settings from the left nav.
  2. Expand User Management > Teams.
  3. Click a team to view properties. 
  4. From the Team Members tab, click Add Zoe Slack Bot.
  5. Click to confirm account access.

Zoe Slack Bot is added as a member of the team. The Zoe Slack Bot does not consume a license.


Make a segment available for Zoe Slack

To define the segments that Zoe Slack can access, modify segment settings. To be viewable in Zoe Slack, segments must be public to and saved within a specific folder in the Global SuccessBLOC.


  1. Open the segment you want to modify.
  2. Hover over the segment name and click to edit.
  3. From within the segment settings, choose the Global > Zoe Segments folder as the location.
  4. If you'd also like to make this segment available for sharing via Zoe within Totango, select the option to Make segment available for Zoe; however, this option is not required for making a segment available to the Zoe Slack Bot.
  5. Click Save.

Manage the Zoe default segments

Global admins can also manage default Zoe segments folder within the Global SuccessBLOC. In addition to any segment that has been made available (see above), default Zoe segments appear when Slack users ask to show all segments. You can remove segments from this folder or rearrange the order.


  1. From the left nav, open the Global SuccessBLOC.
  2. From the Segments tab, open the Zoe segments folder.
  3. Hover over the Ellipses (...) next to the segment you want to modify.

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