Use flow filters

Who can use this feature?

Once a flow is applied to an item, you can use flows in every segmentation engine, including health definitions.

These filters include:

  • Touchpoint SuccessFlow
  • Last SuccessFlow
  • Open Tasks
  • Completed Tasks
  • Overdue Tasks

Suggested uses

Filter by flow for segments, SuccessPlays, campaigns, and health criteria.

  1. Create an automated task (via SuccessPlays) on all accounts with no meaningful interaction in the last 90 days.
  2. Create a segment for upcoming renewal accounts without any renewal or upsell flow in the last 45 days; automatically create tasks (via SuccessPlays) for their CSMs.
  3. Segment all accounts that did not have a QBR flow in the last 5 months, and automatically create QBR tasks for the account owners.
  4. Segment accounts with completed tasks by flow activity in the last 14 days.
  5. All accounts with an escalation flow activity in the last 14 days should be in poor health.

Create a segment with flow filters

Flow filter options are grouped within the Work category.

  1. Create a new account segment, or open an existing segment.
  2. Click+More Filters to refine the list of results.
  3. Choose the flow filter you want to use and any additional parameters.
  4. Click Apply Filter. The matching records appear in the grid.
  5. Click Edit Columns to optionally add more filter columns and/or adjust time periods.

Last Flow date is based activities that are considered customer touchpoints (not internal). Additional calculation metrics may be enabled per flow.

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