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Who can use this feature?

This features is in open beta.

The Progress view allows you to visualize your customer's progress through multiple lifecycles. This view is available for all account segments.

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Configure your view

While using the Progress view, you can:

  • Expand any card by clicking on it to view the expanded account preview, create tasks and touchpoints, update the account plan, view the timeline, and more.
  • Move accounts to a different stage with drag-and-drop.
  • Sort each stage individually from the track menu. Sort by any attribute or metric that has been added as a column in the list view.
  • Focus on all accounts, a specific team member's accounts, or just your own by changing the view filter
  • Change the lifecycle you want to focus on from the Lifecycle dropdown
  • Hide/ unhide stages from the Stages dropdown
  • Sort the entire view globally from the sort dropdown. You can sort by any attribute or metric that has been added as a column in the list view.

Customize card covers

The data shown on the cover of account cards is determined by which attributes are added in the list view and their order. Only the first six attributes/ metrics from the list view will be displayed on the cover.

For example, in the list view of your Account In Onboarding segment you have added the following attributes as columns:

  • contract start date
  • contract value
  • onboarding stage
  • days in onboarding
  • unsolved tickets
  • onboarding status
  • onboarding manager
  • success manager
  • created date

In this scenario, the first six will be displayed on the cover of the cards, and the last three (onboarding manager, success manager, and created date) will only be visible in the expanded account preview, which can be accessed by clicking on any card.

Account name, account type, and health indication will always be shown in the progress view.


Question: Why can't I see any results in the tracks when I filter the segment by a disabled lifecycle value?

Answer: If the segment filter(s) includes a disabled lifecycle value, no results will appear in the progress view when you also filter the tracks by that lifecycle attribute. The progress view does not display tracks for disabled values, which ensures values are not inadvertently updated to a disabled state when dragging-and-dropping.

Question: Can I make the progress view the default view for my segment?

Answer: Yes. Using the "Save current view as default" feature will save the following configuration settings as default:

  • View = Progress View
  • All Accounts/ My Accounts view
  • The selected lifecycle
  • Shown/ hidden lifecycle stages
  • Global sort (if applicable)
  • Track sort

Question: Why don't I see all lifecycle attributes in the lifecycle track filter?

Answer: If you are viewing a segment that is saved within a SuccessBLOC, only lifecycle attributes with a flow that matches the flow of the SuccessBLOC will be shown.

Question: Why don't I see all metrics from my list view in the expanded account preview?

Answer: Currently, only attributes, custom metrics, system key metrics, hierarchy roll-ups and team info are supported in the expanded account preview.

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