Export segment data

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You can export segment data using one of the following options:


You can also export report data and tasks/touchpoints to CSV.

Download a CSV file from a segment

Downloaded files include the column headers shown in the segment. If you need to make adjustments, modify the segment columns and save (or copy) the segment prior to downloading.

  1. From any segment view, click the Ellipses button > Download CSV.
  2. Locate the downloaded file. You can import the file into another system, such as a data warehouse and analytic platforms. Or, open it within a supported spreadsheet application, such as Microsoft Excel or Numbers.

    There may be discrepancies in number formatting between Totango and Excel. Totango applies a percentage format on applicable metrics (e.g., 90.91%), whereas Excel may display those values as unformatted in the export (e.g., 0.9191). This behavior is expected and consistent with each platform's operations. To manually adjust formatting in Excel, right-click the column values, and choose Format Cells.

Open in Google Drive

Opening a segment in Google Drive uses an intermediary viewer with additional options.

  1. From any segment view, click the Ellipses button > Open in Google Drive.
  2. From the preview window, choose the Open with option that you want to use. The options available depend on account preferences and connected applications. The most popular options are Save to Drive and Google Sheets.

    This preview is cached and available for 5 minutes. If the preview times out before you make a selection, close the tab and export the same segment again.

  3. Depending on the option you chose, you can now edit the file directly inside the chosen application.

Generate API endpoint

An API endpoint allows you to dynamically retrieve segmented data directly from the Totango platform using any technology required. This can include custom middleware components that continually retrieve data from Totango and bring that data into your architecture.

Refer to Search API for more information.

Advanced Data Requirements

If your business requirements dictate even deeper levels of data integration, the CS Engineering team can help. Totango supports methods for obtaining direct access to the underlying data that drives the data experience in your instance. This data can be retrieved in JSON format without the need to generate CSV files or the API endpoints.

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