Understand tasks

Who can use this feature?

Tasks indicate work that needs to be done on an account. Use tasks to assign to-dos to yourself or other teammates, track timely completion, and add follow-up actions as needed.

How tasks are added

Tasks can be added in two ways:

  • Ad hoc: Create tasks on-the-fly from My Portfolio, an account profile, or a segment (work view)
  • Automatic: Include tasks as actions on automated SuccessPlays (manual or event-based) for repeatable business processes

Where tasks appear

Once a task is added, you can:

  • Filter portfolio notifications to find all touchpoints for a particular account, date range, or flow
  • Filter your portfolio agenda or account profile plan to find all tasks by due date, assigned to or by, status, or flow
  • View the Open Tasks widget on an account profile
  • View task metrics in Team Spotlight to see aggregations of individual and team activity and work focus over time
  • Use task criteria in other reporting, scorecard, and segmentation objects, including Overdue Tasks, Open Tasks, Completed Tasks (Overdue and On-Time), Created Tasks, and Actual Task Effort in Hours
  • View task assignment and status related to SuccesPlays within SuccessBLOCs, including an overall SuccessPlay effectiveness score.

What you need to know

  • Tasks must be associated with an account. User association to ad hoc tasks is for informational purposes within task details. User association to tasks via SuccessPlays is automatic if targeted by the play.
  • Task assignees can be named individuals assigned to the account, account contacts, or other team members. If assigning a task via SuccessPlay, account assignment can be dynamic.
  • Task completion includes options for adding a post completion touchpoint, post completion information update, and follow-up action. If assigning task via SuccessPlay, post completion activity may be configured as required.


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