Create touchpoints from Gmail (Touchpoint Connect)

Who can use this feature?

Touchpoint Connect is a Chrome browser extension that allows you to log a touchpoint to Totango directly from your Gmail inbox. Touchpoints and replies using Touchpoint Connect are saved to the related account timeline in Totango.

Configure the Touchpoint Connect extension

Add the Totango Touchpoint Connect extension from the Google Chrome web store. Once installed, sign into Totango from Touchpoint Connect to begin using the extension.

  1. From within a Chrome browser, locate the Totango Touchpoint Connect extension: Totango Touchpoint Connect.
  2. Click Add to Chrome.
  3. From the security prompt, click Add extension.

    The extension is added to your installed extensions. 

    You can locate in your browser's installed extensions by typing chrome://extensions/ in your address bar.

  4. Open your Gmail inbox and refresh.
  5. Click Compose to create a new email draft. 
  6. From your message's formatting bar, click the Totango icon.
  7. From the Touchpoint Connect side bar, click Sign In. Log into Totango with your authorized credentials or Google SSO (if enabled for your instance)

    We recommend that you use the same email for Gmail and Totango to ensure that you have full access to the same account set in both applications. 

Create a touchpoint using Touchpoint Connect

After the extension is installed and authenticated, you can use Touchpoint Connect to search for Totango accounts and contacts within your email draft.

  1. From any new email, open the Touchpoint Connect extension from the formatting bar.
  2. In the Touchpoint Connect pane, start typing the name of an account to find the one you want. You can also sort account results by account name or health.
  3. Once you select the account, click on a name from the available contacts. If you do not see the contact in the list, try searching for the contact by name. You can also sort contacts by name, role, and email.

    The touchpoint gets logged under the selected account, regardless of a blank "To" or CC" field, recency rule, or Touchpoint Default BCC Email value.

    • If Create email as Touchpoint is enabled, a touchpoint identifier is added to the Bcc distribution line of your email.
    • Contacts and team members are added to the To line of your email.
    • You can optionally drag-and-drop to move the addresses to different distribution lines, particularly if you want to ensure email replies with internal Totango users are captured on your timeline as touchpoints (see helpful hints below).
  4. Expand the Touchpoint Summary section to optionally choose the touchpoint flow and reason(s).
    • Select the appropriate flow for this interaction, if different from the default.
    • Choose one or more reason for the interaction, depending on admin settings. If a touchpoint reason is required, you must choose at least one.
  5. Compose your message, and send your email as you normally would. The touchpoint gets logged in Totango on the account timeline.

Helpful Hints

  • You can manually add recipients to your distribution list that are not listed in Totango as contacts.
  • Touchpoints added via Touchpoint Connect for Gmail are added to the timeline as new touchpoints. If you want to have threaded email communications in a touchpoint, you can use the Reply to a Touchpoint feature.
  • The touchpoint identifier defaults to the BCC line in your distribution. Thus, any reply from your email recipients (even if they are authorized Totango users) will not create a reply touchpoint in your timeline.
    • If you want responses on the timeline, move the touchpoint identifier address to the To or CC line. Only Totango users will have their touchpoints added to the timeline when they respond using “Reply All.”
    • If you move your customer recipients to the BCC line, any reply from your email recipients (even if they are authorized Totango users) will not create a reply in your timeline.


Question: Do I have to use Touchpoint Connect to log a touchpoint? What if I just need to look up an email address?

Answer: Yes, you can use Touchpoint Connect as a contact list, without logging a touchpoint. Simply toggle off the "Create email as a Touchpoint" option at the top of the Touchpoint Connect window.

Question: What happens if I delete the account I chose from the distribution?

Answer: All associated contacts will also disappear. This will not delete any contacts that are external to the account or have been manually added.

Question: How do I log out of Touchpoint Connect?

Answer: Simply click the settings icon at the bottom of the Touchpoint Connect window, and a menu will appear that includes links to support and a logout option.

Question: How can I change edit the touchpoint after sending?

Answer: After the touchpoint is created, you can edit the touchpoint from within Totango to adjust touchpoint details. 

Question: Can I use opportunities with Touchpoint Connect for Gmail?

Answer: Opportunity accounts are not currently supported with Touchpoint Connect. However, if you select the opportunity account in Touchpoint Connect and select a contact of the parent account, the touchpoint will be logged on the parent account.

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