Understand touchpoints

Who can use this feature?

Touchpoints capture interactions with your customers. Logging touchpoints keeps all stakeholders informed on the progress on the account—internal and external. Reporting on these interactions allows you to quickly identify your accounts with high and low engagement.

Where touchpoints appear

Once a touchpoint is added for an account, you can:

  • Filter portfolio notifications to find all touchpoints for a particular account, date range, or flow
  • Filter an account profile timeline to find all touchpoints by flow, touchpoint type, touchpoint reason, or user
  • Filter the Timeline widget on an account profile to find all touchpoints by flow
  • View touchpoint metrics in Team Spotlight to see aggregations of individual and team activity over time
  • Create touchpoint segments and use touchpoint criteria in other reporting, scorecard, and segmentation objects, including Last Touch for an account

What you need to know

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