Understand flows

Who can use this feature?

Flows are required categories to apply to activities and automations. Flows can indicate a lifecycle stage or other custom grouping.


Flows are powerful! Create a habit for yourself to choose an appropriate flow each time you log a touchpoint or a task.

Where flows appear

Once a flow is applied to an item, you can:

  • Filter portfolio notifications, timeline, or agenda to find all event types for a flow, such as "Renewal"
  • See flow tags as they appear in the timeline within your portfolio or account profile
  • See flow tags next to lifecycle attributes in the Status widget on an account profile
  • See flow icons next to your available SuccessBLOCs
  • Calculate tasks and touchpoints metrics in Team Spotlight to see aggregations of individual and team activity over time
  • Use flows in every segmentation engine, including health definitions.

What you need to know

  • A flow is required for touchpoints, tasks, campaigns, and SuccessPlays. If no other flow is selected, the default will be applied.
  • Global admins can customize the default flow and properties (names and icons) within Settings > Customer Engagement > Flows.
  • Global admins can add custom flows. Totango supports up to 30.

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