Release Notes - Ver 20.265 - March 17, 2024

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Generate AI-powered account summaries (open beta)

Unlock the power of people + AI, allowing your team to generate on-demand concise, impactful summaries of customer accounts to enable faster, more informed decisions. Once enabled, this account summary tool is available from any account profile in Totango. Read more

Admins with access to enable gated features can now do so from within the Settings > My Account. By enabling this feature, you agree to Totango's AI Terms of Use. You can additionally modify user access permissions to Account Summary.

Set report as scorecard

Admins, SuccessBLOC owners, and users with collaborator access can optionally set a custom report as a scorecard, displayed on the Scorecard tab of the SuccessBLOC (replacing regular scorecards). Read more

  • Any custom report can be chosen
  • Only one custom report can be displayed at a time
  • Any edits made to a saved report set as a scorecard are immediately visible to everyone with view access to the Scorecard tab
  • Regular scorecards are available if no report is chosen as a scorecard and whenever you choose to stop using a custom report as scorecard

Set flow and reason(s) in Touchpoint Connect

An updated version of the Touchpoint Connect is now available.

You can now set the following touchpoint properties within Touchpoint Connect

  1. Flow
    Select the appropriate flow for this interaction, if different from the default.
  2. Touchpoint reason
    Choose one or more reason for the interaction, depending on admin settings. If a touchpoint reason is required, you must choose at least one.

Previously, touchpoints sent from Touchpoint Connect were automatically added with the default flow. To change flow or reason, you had to edit the touchpoint from within Totango. 

Log into Touchpoint Connect (Gmail) using Google SSO

You can now log into Touchpoint Connect for Gmail using SSO with Google, if enabled for your Totango instance. Previously, no single sign-on option was supported for the Chrome extension. Read more


Set objective owner

You can now choose an owner when creating a new objective. The objective owner is available to set when adding new objectives to the library or when adding objectives for a specific account plan. You can also set an objective owner for any existing objectives. Current owner options include:

  • Team members assigned to the account (role)
  • Other named team member

The objective owner is visible from the Plan tab of an account profile and within customer portal if any associated SuccessPlays are shared with customers.

Objective owner is not yet available in task segments, reports, or APIs.

Bug fixes 

The following issues have been resolved:

[Bug Fix] Unable to copy SuccessBlocs between teams when checking the box for assets (EU).

[Bug Fix] The "Save" button not clickable when clicked in an opportunity segment.

[Bug Fix] Sorting on the "Name" column not functioning as intended in rapid insight forms.

[Bug Fix] Inconsistent display of the due date between the task segment and the timeline when a task is created via Google Calendar. 

[Bug Fix] Hubspot notes inbound integration job failure due to a note exceeding the character limit. 

[Bug Fix] Clicking "Save" on an opportunity segment changed the segment to private. 

[Bug Fix] The "over x days ago" in Agenda tab showed an incorrect date as the days progressed through the week. 

[Bug Fix] When a SuccessPlay contained a form task, and the task should have been created on the parent account, the task was not created. 

[Bug Fix] The Direct Parent column not persisting after saving segment or refreshing page in opportunity segment.

[Bug Fix] In some cases, pulling data from Segment using the API would present Totango user id instead of email address. 

[Bug Fix] Preview failed to load in the health profile due to excessively long queries.

[Bug Fix] Portal allowed completion of tasks with unsupported follow up actions; these tasks now appear as read only.

[Bug Fix] Issue with HTTP API not updating account attributes accordingly due to issue with the account assignment attribute.

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