Understand campaigns

Who can use this feature?

  • SuccessBLOC owners and global admins can download lists of SuccessBLOC attributes
  • Global admins or users with advanced permissions can add/modify attributes
  • Global admins, SuccessBLOC owners, and collaborators can edit or activate individual items
  • Available on all plans

Campaigns allow you to automate personalized emails to customers and manage communication at scale.

For guided training, check out our self-paced course: Creating Awesome Campaigns in Totango

What you can do with campaigns

  • Create emails from pre-built templates and customize the design
  • Use NPS or CSAT attribute types in campaigns to invoke customer sentiment flows
  • Send campaigns by a named user or account assignment role, including dynamic signatures
  • Target recipients from pre-built user segments or custom criteria
  • Send campaigns on a one-off or scheduled basis. Choose timing for start and end dates, and optionally implement business hours rules to ensure delivery is timely with target audience
  • Set campaign goals, and view performance metrics on engagement and delivery

What you need to know

  • Campaigns are sent to people (users). It's recommended to prepare campaign targets and team signatures prior to using campaigns for the first time.
  • Admins can configure organization-level campaign settings, including white labeling, theme, frequency cap, and other preferences. Campaign designers can override some theme settings on a one-off basis.
  • Campaign filters are available for segmentation

Totango does not adjust schedules for daylight saving time.

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