Send chat-based messages using Sunshine Conversations

Who can use this feature?

Totango provides a Sunshine Conversations integration that allows you to send chat-based messages from Totango.

How does it work?

The Sunshine Conversations Web Messenger chat widget (powered by SunCo) is a messaging widget that can be added to any web page. If installed, you can request a Sunshine Conversations integration with Totango and leverage the same segmentation and scheduling options as Totango campaigns—except instead of sending emails, customers logged into your application see a new message within the chat widget. 

Sunshine Conversations API supports many channels; however, this integration with Totango supports the Web Messenger widget only. This widget is integrated with the Zendesk ecosystem via Switchboard.

Request a Sunshine Conversations integration

A Sunshine Conversations integration with Totango requires manual configuration with the assistance of the Totango Support team. This integration and setup process is available at no additional cost to all Totango paying customers. 


You must have the following:

  1. A Zendesk plan that allows access to Sunshine Conversations, including enough MAUs required
    Note: Each message sent out to a unique user in any given month via this integration will be counted towards MAUs consumed.
  2. The Sunshine Conversations Web Messenger widget deployed on your website
  3. Zendesk Admin access

Initial setup process

Contact your customer success manager or other Totango representative for a demo. We will be happy to show you the integration in our sandbox environment and help you evaluate your use case.

  1. When ready, submit a support ticket via
  2. Our team will contact you to complete the setup process. 
    • Be prepared to provide the details for an App ID, secret key, and other info that requires Zendesk Admin access.
    • Working with our support team, we'll help you customize webhooks so Totango can collect statistics to present in the campaign performance tab.
    • Once the integration is activated, new attributes will be available in your Totango instance. It's important to populate internal SunCo user IDs so that Totango correctly matches target users with their SunCo counterparts.
    • Working with our support team, we'll review the integration, test the connection, and help you launch your first test campaign.

Send a web message via Totango SunCo campaign

Once the integration is  configured, anyone with ability to create new campaigns can send and schedule SunCo Web Messenger campaign types.

  1. Open the SuccessBLOC you want to use.
  2. From the Campaigns tab, click + Create a campaign.
  3. Select the SunCo Web Messenger template to begin.

    The campaign designer opens. You may see alerts for mandatory fields. Ensure that you define fallbacks or other settings based on your own preferences.

  4. Click Save.
  5. Enter a campaign name and description, and choose a flow

    The name is not the subject line of the campaign; it's for internal reference. Configure the conversation name below.

  6. Click Save.
    The campaign overview settings appear.
  7. Click inside the campaign to make updates to design and content. Only elements supported by the Sunshine Conversation platform are available with a total character count limitation of 4,096.
    • Text
    • Emoji
    • Dynamic data

      We recommend referring to the character counter in the right bottom corner during editing; look for a warning when the length of the messages goes over 3,500 symbols. Depending on how close you are to the threshold, it's possible that a message is within the limit in the editor but exceeds the limit when data attributes are replaced with real values. In those cases, you can review those messages that fail to send within campaign performance.

  8. Configure campaign settings. See campaign details for more information.
    • Configure conversation name and the sender.
    • Configure target user segment.
    • Set details for the schedule and choose when to start.
    • Define a goal.
      Note: Goals can be associated with account attribute, user attribute, or an instrumentation (user activity); however, link tracking is not supported in SunCo Web Messenger campaign types.
    • Configure advanced settings.
  9. Continue making edits and optionally save as a draft to come back later. When all errors are resolved and you're ready to send according to the schedule specified, click Activate.
  10. Once active, Totango posts the message for targeted users within the Web Messenger chat widget. The next time the recipients visit your webpage and opens the widget, the new message will appear.

View SunCo campaign performance

After a SunCo Web Messenger campaign is active, Totango starts collecting performance statistics. These statistics are powered by webhooks via the Sunshine Conversations API. 

SunCo campaign performance is similar to other campaign performance metrics, except for the following differences:

  • Delivered: Users for whom the integration successfully executed API call (e.g., created a new conversation and created a message within it)
  • Open Rate: Users who opened SunCo chat and read the message (depends on correctly customized webhook)
  • Engaged: Users who replied within the same conversation that was created for this campaign (depends on correctly customized webhook)
  • SunCo doesn't allow link tracking, and thus link tracking is not supported for SunCo campaigns

Segment by SunCo campaign

SunCo Web Messenger campaigns support the following filters in Totango segmentation:

  • Targeted by / not targeted by campaign (account and user)
  • Opened campaign email [campaign]
    The word "Email" in the filter name is irrelevant in this context.
  • Engaged with SunCo chat [campaign]*

*New filter that becomes available upon activation of this integration


Our company is using Zendesk for support tickets. Does it mean we have SunCo?

Not necessarily. We recommend you reach out to your Zendesk representative and ask them about the details of your plan. Your Zendesk admin should know what kind of web chat (if any) you're using.

We might be interested in using this integration, how can we start?

The integration requires manual steps within Totango and your SunCo account. Please contact your customer success manager or other Totango representative to get started.

How do users unsubscribe from receiving messages in the web chat?

Totango does not offer a designated unsubscribing functionality for SunCo Web Messenger campaigns. However, the integration respects "unsubscribed" users the same way as regular Totango campaigns do. In other words, users who unsubscribe from emails, will also unsubscribe from SunCo messages.


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