Manage campaign performance

Who can use this feature?

  • Global admins, SuccessBLOC owners, and collaborators
  • Users have view access to SuccessBLOCs that are published to a team; additional access permissions to individual SuccessPlays, campaigns, canvas, and objective templates vary.
  • Available on all plans

After a campaign is active, Totango tracks performance metrics for the campaign engagement and details about targeted users. Use these metrics to understand how your campaign was received and make adjustments as needed. 

See Understand unique users and campaign deduping for more information on how Totango handles users that are associated with more than one account.

View campaign performance

All metrics include total numbers and percentages.

  1. From the SuccessBLOC you want to manage, click the Campaigns tab.
  2. View performance indicator for capacity with regard to your plan. Shows the number of campaigns sent in the current cycle and when the new cycle starts.
  3. Each campaign includes summary information. See below for details. 
    • Delivered
    • Open Rate
    • Engaged
    • Goal Achieved
  4. Hover over a campaign, and click Performance.
  5. Optionally set a date range for which to view metrics. 
  6. Click on any of the engagement metrics to view user and account details. These statistics apply to unique users*.
    • Sent: Emails successfully dispatched [= Sent - Duplicated - Dropped] 
    • Delivered: Emails that were successfully delivered [= Sent - Bounced]
    • Open rate: Emails that were viewed
    • Engaged: Opened emails where recipient clicked a button
    • Goal achieved: Users that took action defined in goal criteria of the campaign at any time. *See Dedupe campaign targets for goal exceptions for unique users.

      Totals may be out of emails delivered or targeted users, depending on preferences set in Settings > Customer Engagement > General.

    • CSAT or NPS: Aggregation for applicable CSAT or NPS campaign types
  7. Click on any of the delivery metrics to view more details.
    • Duplicated users: Users that were not sent the email because they were duplicates (or existed more than once) in your target criteria.
    • Bounced: If a server cannot or will not deliver a message, Totango marks it as a bounce event. Bounces often are caused by outdated or incorrectly entered email addresses. Click to view bounce reason and date.
    • Dropped: Messages are dropped mainly to protect the sender reputation. Totango uses an emailing service that maintains several blacklists (like spam lists). Dropped emails may occur for any email addresses that appear in those blacklists. Once an email address goes on the blacklist, the message will be dropped the next time that email address is targeted.
    • Unsubscribed: Users that were part of the targeted criteria who have clicked an unsubscribed link from within the unsubscribe landing page.
    • Invalid data: Emails that could not be sent to users for the following reasons:
      • Malformed domains
      • Old email addresses
      • Campaign frequency cap for the user was reached
  8. Filter performance over time:
    • View by users or accounts
    • View by event types

Analyze campaign targets

View or download a list of campaign targets and status of their campaign activity. You can also use campaign deliverability filters in segmentation.

  1. From the campaign performance, click the Targeted Users tab.
  2. Optionally filter the list by the following:
    • All targeted users
    • Unique users
    • Achieved goal
    • Did not achieve goal
    • Opened email
    • Did not open email
    • Engaged with [button or link]
    • Engaged with [unsubscribe link]
  3. Search for a user to narrow the list.
  4. View details for the following:
    • Name
    • User Id
    • Account name
    • Targeted on (date)
    • Opened (date)
    • Goal achieved ("Not yet" or date)
    • Clicks for each custom campaign link (date)
    • Unsubscribe clicked (date)*

    *Reflects a click on an unsubscribe link from within a campaign. Recipients may choose to abandon their selection once they reach the unsubscribe landing page. Refer to delivery metrics under the Performance tab for totals from within the unsubscribe landing page.

  5. Click a user name to view the user profile.


Question: If I disable a campaign, will the metrics continue to calculate?

Answer: Yes. Responses will continue to calculate.

Question: How can there be an engagement metric for a user when there is no opened metric for that user?

Answer: This issue is most likely caused by a security solution on the recipient's side, which checked the content and the URLs (including the URL to the open tracking). This triggers an open event even though the email was not opened.

Learn more about illegitimate (non-human) click and open engagement here.

At this time, the system does not distinguish between legitimate and illegitimate clicks because the signal is essentially the same for a human user and a bot.

Question: Why are my campaign stats not loading or blank?

Answer: If the stats seem to just be spinning or cannot load, this might occur where there are a lot of campaigns going out at one time or when the Totango campaign service is experiencing unusually high traffic. The stats could be blank if the campaign has not been sent yet.


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