Configure a currency attribute

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Currency attributes contains numerical values displayed as currency. You can use currency attributes on the following data objects: Account and collection.

Each currency attribute can have on display (chosen from a list of 100+ global currencies). You can also set the international (0,000.00) or EU (0.000,00) format.

Only one currency can be set per attribute; Totango does not perform conversions. Currency display formatting is not supported in segment follow emails or the mobile app.

Create a new currency attribute

Create your own currency attributes to track numerical values in a currency format. Steps vary depending on whether you add an account attribute or an attribute within a collection. You can create a new currency attribute from within Data Modeler or during an integration.

  1. From Settings, expand Data Management > Data Modeler.
    • Account: On the Account Information tab, click +Add Account Attribute. Click Currency.
    • Collection: On the Account Information tab, click to view the collection you want to modify. From the list of attributes, click +Add. From the Type drop-down, choose Currency, and then click Settings (gear icon) to add list values.
  2. Configure properties for the attribute:
    • Display name: The name of the attribute.
    • Description (account):  Appears on hover over, but this value is not required.
    • Dimension: Choose the dimension for categorization purposes.
    • Editability: If you do not plan to update this value in Totango, clear the Editability check box. However, in most cases, Totango will be the source of truth for multi-select lists, so you will want to allow your teams to update this value manually or via SuccessPlay.
    • Visibility and Default Values: Choose options for privileged access, hidden, or default values if updating via integration.
  3. Set the currency sign and format:
    • Sign: Choose the currency to display from a list of 100+ global currencies.
    • Format: Decide on international (0,000.00) or EU (0.000,00) format. 
  4. Click Save or Create Attribute.

Depending on the editability option chosen, you can set currency values individually on an account profile, using a rapid insight form, using a SuccessPlay, editing a segment in bulk*, or by data integration.

*Editing collection attributes in bulk via segmentation is not supported.

See more for using revenue filters in segments.

Modify a currency attribute

Totango includes system currency attributes, such as contract value and forecast contract value. Totango may add currency attributes to your Data Model when you install SuccessBLOCs.

You can change currency signs and formats to an existing attribute. The change will apply everywhere the attribute is used.

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