Attribute dimensions

Dimensions allow you to categorize your account and user attributes into logical groups within Data Modeler. Each attribute in Totango can be associated with one dimension.

Dimensions also enhance the following areas of Totango:

  1. Finding attributes within segment filters and columns
  2. Sorting attributes on the All tab of an account profile
  3. Analyzing multidimensional health profiles

System dimensions

Totango comes with a set of system dimensions to categorize system attributes. You can rename system dimensions but cannot delete system dimensions.

Only dimensions that have attributes will show in the Account Information and User Information tabs within Data Modeler. Only dimensions that have attributes with values will be visible to your teams. Uncategorized attributes are automatically put in a dimension called "General."

Dimension Account User Totango user
Account identity - -
Account master data -
Account segment - -
Account team - -
Allocation - -
Advocacy - -
Billing - -
Campaigns - -
Contracts - -
Engagement - -
Health - -
Hierarchy - -
Opportunity - -
Revenue - -
Risk - -
SuccessPlans - -
SuccessPlays - -
Support -
Totango usage - -
User master data -
User identity -
Utilization -
Value metrics - -
Voice of the customer -
Work - -

Custom dimensions

Add your own dimensions to categorize custom attributes. Dimensions are also added when you add a new SuccessBLOC from the marketplace (e.g., Billing, Advocacy, etc.).

  1. From Settings, expand Data Management > Data Modeler.
  2. From the Dimensions tab, click +Add Dimension.
  3. Enter a name and description.
  4. Add one ore more non-system attributes to the dimension. Any attributes you choose will be re-associated with the new dimension.
  5. Click Create.

The dimension will be available to choose from when adding a new attribute. If an attribute has a value, the dimension will also be able to sort from within the All tab of an account profile.

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