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Who can use this feature?

A user profile is a single page view of customer data about a person. A user profile may represent a business contact at the company or a user of your products (e.g., your customers).

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Use a user profile to track your customer user attributes, survey responses, campaign activity, and usage (if available). 


Key areas of a user profile

A user profile consists of the following areas:

  • Profile title: Displays full name of the user and a crown if the user is denoted as a key contact. If permissions allow, you can additionally view integration sources for the user (if any) and delete a user profile.
  • Profile header: View key user attributes and survey responses, unrelated to the account or product associated.
  • Accounts: Each user must belong to at least one account and can have different attributes under each one. Expand the account to view, add, or clear user attributes.
  • Campaigns: See a summary of campaigns sent, viewed, engaged, and whether the goal was achieved. A snapshot of the most recent campaigns are available for quick access.
  • Usage (per account): View a real-time stream of usage by module and activity (if available).

What you need to know

  • Users are uniquely identified by a User ID.
  • Users must be associated with at least one Account ID. Users can be associated to multiple accounts.
  • If a contact is created from the account profile (Contacts widget) or via integration, a user profile is automatically generated for that person with the user attribute of "Contact" = yes.
  • Users are not required to be contacts. Users do not appear on the account profile (Contacts widget) unless they are denoted as a contact or key contact.
  • Use the search bar to locate users by name, email address, or User ID.
  • Admins cannot customize the layout of the user profile. 
  • Admins can define the set of accounts available to view, which includes associated users.


Question: What happens when I delete a user profile?

Answer: Deleting a user profile removes the user's data from Totango, and the user's profile will no longer be accessible. However, any usage data collected by the user (email address) will still be available within the account's Usage tab and in the Usage Monitor (Executive Console). Contact Support if you need to remove usage data.

If the user gets created from an integration, the user profile may get created again if the user record still exists in the source application. Learn more.

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