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Tags identify an account or user with a custom label. Tags can indicate anything you wantfrom an account that is a renewal risk or a power user of your product.

Once a tag is applied to an account or user, you can:

  1. Use tags in segments, SuccessPlays, and campaigns using these filters: Tagged with or Is not tagged
  2. View tags in the Account and User profiles
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Use the following examples for inspiration.

Early warning system

Tag: [new user]

Users during their first 30 days. These are new users that may require help with training or extra support.

Tag: [power users]

Users that are highly engaged on a daily basis with your app. By default, Totango looks for users that were active 20 of the last 30 days. You can add conditions to look for specific user-actions and modules used.

Power-users are great candidates for feedback questionnaires, testimonials, referrals and other types of advocates. Use Totango to identify them and target them with specific campaigns.

Tag: [inactive user]

Users that were not active in the application for the last 30 days. These users may need help to get back on track.

Tag: [new-account]

New accounts are accounts that were recently provisioned (within the last 30 days) and still in their onboarding phase. Customers during onboarding typically require more team attention to keep on track.

Target new accounts with onboarding campaigns to automate your onboarding processes.

Tag: [renewal-risk]

Renewal risks are paying customers with a renewal date in the next 90 days and a poor health score.

Apply or remove tags

You can apply and remove tags individually (see below), in bulk (if permissions allow), by file integration, or using segment triggers.

  1. Open an account profile or user profile.
  2. Click to edit tags: 
    • User tags: Expand the related account, and click the Tag icon at the top of the user attributes.
    • Account tags: Click the Tag icon from the Tags widget.
  3. Start typing to choose an existing tag, or press enter to create a new tag. Or click the x on a tag to remove it.
  4. Click Save.

There are no limits to the number of tags you create. You can remove tag assignments, but you cannot edit or delete tags.

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