Generate account summaries with AI

Who can use this feature?

Generate on-demand summaries for customer accounts using AI. Once enabled, this account summary tool is available from any account profile in Totango.

What you need to know

  • The feature works by passing anonymized account attributes to an AI engine. AI analyzes patterns in the data to highlight the most important account details. 
  • The result is a concise summary of key account areas written in natural language, designed to help your teams make faster, more informed decisions.
  • Summaries are generated dynamically (not pre-written). For best results, ensure the "Key Info" section of the account profile includes your most important attributes and that the data is up-to-date.
  • Totango automatically refreshes the account summaries every 12 hours, in addition to a hard refresh option. Regular refresh of summaries ensures teams act on the latest data, not outdated snapshots. 

    Once generated, the same account summary is cached and available for everyone on the team who accesses it prior to the next refresh.

  • Admins can modify access permissions to Account Summary

Generate an account summary

  1. From the upper, right area of the account profile, click Account Summary.

    Wait for the account summary to load within the pop-up window. When the summary loads, it will include an overview of the account, followed by details related to usage and engagement, interactions, sentiment, risks, renewal, and recommended next actions.Review the summary and optionally take any of the following actions:
    • Copy summary: Copies the summary of the text. 
    • Like / dislike: Tells Totango whether you found the summary helpful or not.
    • Refresh: Generate a new summary, overriding any cached summaries.
  2. When finished reviewing, close the summary by click the X in the upper, right corner. Anyone with access to the account can re-open the summary using the same button for up to 12 hours, after which time the button will automatically generate a new summary. 

    If you want to save the account summary contents permanently, we recommend copying the contents and adding it as an internal touchpoint to capture the summary at a point in time. 

Other considerations


No personal information or commercial data is used in the process. See Totango AI terms of use.


  • This feature is in a beta program. Totango is closely monitoring the quality of the output, satisfaction, repetitive usage, and other metrics.
  • Summaries can only provide insights based on data currently in Totango. There may be unknown external factors not reflected.
  • Summaries currently leverage a defined subset of attributes from sources like Key Info, not the account's full profile. The attribute set may also vary across teams based on Key Info configuration.
  • Once enabled for your Totango instance, permissions can't be set at role or user levels. During the beta period, all users either have access or none do.
  • Data for summaries does not yet incorporate some sources like touchpoints or emails. Inputs are limited to certain account attributes.


Beta program and activation

Question: How do I join the Account Summary beta program?

Answer: Please email your Totango CSM.

Question: Can I opt out once I have joined? If so, how?

Answer: Yes, simply email your Totango CSM or Support (, and state that you wish to opt out. We will process your request in a timely manner.

Question: Will joining the beta program affect my existing settings or data?

Answer: No, the feature is designed in such a way that it doesn’t use or modify existing data or settings. It’s an additional capability that helps your teams increase efficiency by eliminating the need to manually analyze account data or run multiple reports. 

Question: Does joining the beta program incur additional charges?

Answer: No, the beta program is free of charge.

Question: I requested to join the beta program but still don't have access. What should I do?

Answer: After requesting to join the beta, you will be placed on a waitlist for a period of time. Totango conducts a thorough review of each request to ensure alignment between our customer profiles and beta program requirements. Customers that are not approved for the beta program must wait for General Availability (GA).

If approved for the beta, you will be notified via email, at which time provisioning enables the account summary capability (typically within 1-2 business days). If access is still not working after 2 business days from receiving your notification that it has been enabled, please open a support ticket.

Data and security

Question: Where is the data processed by the AI engine stored?

Answer: All data is stored and processed in the US. See OpenAI's privacy policy.

Question: Does OpenAI meet Totango's security and privacy standards?

Answer: Yes, Totango's Data Processing Agreement (DPA) with OpenAI meets global privacy standards. See OpenAI's privacy policy. Strict controls are in place, including data anonymization, limited access, and environment isolation. 

Question: How is data protected during the transition to OpenAI?

Answer: Data is encrypted and de-identified, according to standard protocols for online data exchange.

Question: Will any of my data be used to train models?

Answer: No, neither Totango nor OpenAI train models on our own customer's data. See OpenAI's privacy policy.

Compliance and legal

Question: Is OpenAI compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and other data protection laws?

Answer: Yes, please refer to OpenAI's security portal.

Question: Do I need to update my Data Processing Agreement (DPA) to include OpenAI?

Answer: No action is required from your side. Upon opting in, OpenAI is covered by the existing DPA. OpenAI is included in Totango's list of subprocessors.

As per Section 5.2 of our DPA, Totango can enlist new subprocessors, provided we give adequate notice. You are allowed to object to a new subprocessor, at which point we will turn off that new feature from your instance. Because this is an opt-in feature, you can object by simply not opting in.


Question: When will customized permissions be available?

Answer: More granular user- and role-based permissions will be introduced after the beta period ends.

Question: Does the account summary factor in the account's hierarchy (child accounts)?

Answer: Not at this time. Currently each account summary applies to the information available within a single customer record.

Question: The account summary generated seems to be missing key details or irrelevant facts. Can I do anything to improve the results?

Answer: The summaries primarily rely on account attributes configured in the "Key Info" section of the account profile. Global admins or users with advanced permissions can add or remove attributes in Key Info (profile header) to control what data is included in the generated summaries

Overall, the AI matches patterns in the specific data provided, so inaccuracies in the underlying data can lead to poor results. Please share feedback where you see mismatches so our machine learning models can be refined.

Question: I receive an error when generating an account summary. How can I resolve this?

Answer: Errors can sporadically occur during the beta period. Try closing the account summary window and click the "Account Summary" button again. If the problem persists, try generating a summary for a different account. Finally, open a support ticket so we can investigate the ussue.

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