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Monitor account coverage

Who can use this feature?

Team spotlight allows you to analyze individual and team performance within a configurable dashboard view.

Accounts with a "Canceled" or null contract status are not included in all areas of Team Spotlight. See below for a breakdown.

View performance on account coverage

The Account Coverage tab within Team Spotlight allows you to view team and individual activities over time or within particular stages of the customer journey. Use this dashboard to quickly identify accounts that have no activity, in order to help prioritize your efforts.

Managers may also find this dashboard helpful to guide one-on-one discussions or uncover trends within team meetings. See view in TV mode.

  1. From the left nav, click Team Spotlight (under Executive Console)
  2. On the Account Coverage tab, use the drop-down to select the team role you want to view. 
    Team Spotlight displays users across teams when there are common accounts in team account sets. In the following example, Lindsay and Michael are on different teams, but they both have a "Success Manager" assignment on accounts that belong to the current team. 

    If any accounts included in the dashboard are missing an assignment for the selected role, an indicator appears at the top of the dashboard. See below.

  3. Choose the time period (7, 14, 30, 90, 180, 365 days).
  4. Optionally filter by account type, if applicable.

    This filter applies only to account info (the info marked with Green rectangle below) and not the user task and touchpoint info (activity volume metrics).

  5. Optionally filter by flow to view particular areas of focus within the customer journey.
  6. In the team summary, view combined metrics for the following:
    • Activity volume: The number of touchpoints added and tasks completed. These values represent all activity for each user, regardless of team scope.

      Example: Volume for "Last 7 days" returns all touchpoints within the last 7 days, looking back from the current hour. This time frame slightly differs from the look-back used in a touchpoint collection segment.

    • Account coverage: The number of accounts that have activity volume out of the total accounts assigned
    • Other metrics: From the Settings icon (cog wheel), choose up two additional metrics to help analyze performance (e.g., license utilization, average active users, etc.).
  7. In the individual summary, view metrics for accounts owned by each team member. All metrics from the team summary are included, in addition to a health snapshot. Optionally click on column headers to sort.
  8. Hover or click on individual summaries for more details and to open account profiles.
    • Covered: Has at least one touchpoint or completed task for the selected time period
    • Not covered: No touchpoints or completed tasks for the selected time period
    • Has overdue tasks: At least one task that is overdue within the selected time period

Sort the column headers to help prioritize outreach efforts based on contract value, health, or other metric.


Update account assignment role

Account coverage analyzes performance by account assignment role (e.g., Success Manager, Sales Manager, etc.). Global admins, team admins, and users with advanced permissions can set up account assignment roles

If an assignment is missing on an account for the selected role, you'll see an indicator at the top of the dashboard.


Team members can individually update assignments from any of the following:

Global admins or users with advanced permission can also manage account assignment via integration or SuccessPlay.

View in TV mode

TV mode refreshes the dashboard every 60 seconds. This mode is often used when displaying this dashboard on a large monitor, such as in an office lobby or conference room.



Question: How do accounts with a "Canceled" or null contract status appear in Team Spotlight?

Answer: Team Spotlight does not include canceled accounts in top-level account coverage (coral highlight); however, canceled accounts are considered in row-level account coverage and activity volume (green highlight):

If you click into the breakdown from row-level account coverage metrics, the accounts shown do not include canceled accounts (coral highlight):

Consider removing CSMs from cancelled accounts to avoid seeing the accounts in row-level metrics. You could automate this process with a SuccessPlay!

Question: My Team Spotlight is empty, and the message says, "None of the accounts have a Success Manager___tid assigned." How do I fix it?

Answer: Team Spotlight shows accounts that have a Totango user assigned to an account assignment role. Also ensure that your accounts have a contract status set (not "Canceled" or null).

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