Control early access to new features

Who can use this feature?

Totango introduces new features in regularly scheduled releases. Global admins can control when these releases are available to to their teams for early access.

These settings only apply to features with a beta status. When a feature is moved to GA from the Totango, the feature automatically released. Admins cannot turn off GA features. 

  1. From Settings, click My Account.

    The most recent release will appear by default. 

  2. Choose to enable all beta features (top button), or individually enable beta features.
  3. Once activated, users see a New Features Release control at the bottom of the page.
  4. Users can review each of these features and selectively turn on/off these features for themselves.

    Only features that require a user to experience it will allow users to turn it on and turn it off. Features that primarily require admin setup will not be available for users to experience it.


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