Understand SuccessBLOCs

Who can use this feature?

  • Users can view items within published SuccessBLOCs per team 
  • See more for advanced permissions, including who can create, edit items, invite collaborators to, and publish SuccessBLOcs
  • Available on all plans and license types

A SuccessBLOC provides a modular framework to package and operationalize your company's best practices at different points of the customer journey.

What you can do with SuccessBLOCs

SuccessBLOCs may include the following features to drive and monitor outcomes.

  • Scorecards: Define and track goals visually using one or more KPIs
  • Segments: View lists of accounts and users that you can display in different views
  • Reports: Visualize trends over time, monitor fluctuations, and track changes
  • Assets: Store best practice documentation, such as templates and other reference documents
  • SuccessPlays: Operationalize internal workflows with automatic task creation, data updates, and more
  • Campaigns: Stay engaged by automating customer communications
  • Canvas: Model your SuccessPlays and campaigns into tracks that represent your processes, including stage-based (linear) or situational (non-linear) phases

What you need to know

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