Copy a SuccessBLOC across teams

Who can use this feature?

  • Global admins
  • Available on all plans

Global admins can copy a SuccessBLOC and its contents from one team to another. This practice is often done to share customized scorecards and segments with other teams.

Copy a SuccessBLOC

You can selectively choose items to copy with a SuccessBLOC. Once a SuccessBLOC is copied to another team, any item you copied is a new version. Edits you make to a segment in a SuccessBLOC under one team are not made in the copied item.

  1. Open the SuccessBLOC that you want to copy.
  2. From the Ellipses (...), click Copy.
  3. From the Copy window, choose which of the existing elements from the SuccessBLOC to copy over. 

    If a destination team already has the SuccessBLOC, Totango will replace the destination canvas with this one (not merge). It's recommended to include campaigns and SuccessPlays if copying the canvas. The option to activate SuccessPlays and campaigns is available if those items are selected. Archived campaigns will not be copied.

  4. Choose the team(s) to copy the SuccessBLOC to:
    • All teams
    • Teams by type
    • Named teams
  5. Click Copy.
    Totango copies the selected item(s) from the SuccessBLOC to the selected team(s). You can also choose to publish the SuccessBLOC in destination teams and notify team members.

Duplicate SuccessBLOC options

If Totango detects the presence of a SuccessBLOC with the same name in any of the destination teams, the system prompts you to choose from one of the following options during the copy process:

  • Override SuccessBLOC: Create a new SuccessBLOC in teams where the SuccessBLOC does not exist, and override contents in the destination. Contents with matching name is overwritten, and new content is added to the destination team SuccessBLOC. Unselected contents are not updated or deleted in destination teams.

    If canvas was chosen, it will be erased in the destination BLOC and recreated.

  • Delete and recreate SuccessBLOC: SuccessBLOC in the destination is deleted and replaced with your selections. Any new reports / segments / scorecards, etc., including changes to existing items in destination SuccessBLOC will not be retained.

    Unselected contents will be deleted from destination teams.


The copy SuccessBLOC feature cannot be used if the SuccessBLOC has any of the criteria: Is in / Is not in segment, Targeted by / not targeted by campaign, or Goal achieved / goal not achieved in any of the following:

  • Segments
  • Reports filter
  • SuccessPlay criteria
  • Campaign criteria

Totango provides a warning and will not proceed with the copy process until those items are resolved, which may include recreating the affected segments or removing them. You cannot selectively omit segments from being copied (all segments are included). 

Move individual items to other teams

Optionally move individual SuccessPlays, campaigns, segments*, or report from one SuccessBLOC to another SuccessBLOC.

  1. Open the SuccessBLOC you want to edit, and click the tab you want to manage.
  2. Click Ellipses (...) next to the item, and click Move.
  3. Choose the SuccessBLOC that you want to move the item into.
  4. Click Move.


The move item feature cannot be used with segments if it has any of the criteria: Is in / Is not in segment, Targeted by / not targeted by campaign, or Goal achieved / goal not achieved.

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