Manage the Global SuccessBLOC

Who can use this feature?

The Global SuccessBLOC is a central location to store shared segments, reports, SuccessPlays, and campaigns outside of a particular SuccessBLOC. If your permissions allow, this BLOC is automatically available from the left navigation.

In lieu of the Global SuccessBLOC, we highly recommend interacting with these items in a more focused view using designated SuccessBLOCs so that you can measure and track success, filter by activity type, and visualize the entire journey with canvas. 

The following table represents the functionality available from journey-based SuccessBLOCs from the Marketplace as opposed to the Global SuccessBLOC.

  Journey-based Global
Focused view into customer journey -
Customer journey mapping (canvas) -
Scorecards -
KPIs -
Assets -
User specific filtering -
Locked segments -
Labels -
Best practices -
Outcome focused -
Permission based -

*Use the Global SuccessBLOC to manage default segments enabled for Zoe in Slack and share segments with Zoe for Web users.

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