Release Notes - Ver 20.270 - June 3, 2024

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Enable one-click unsubscribe

One-click unsubscribe is specific data included in the header of an email that allows a mail client to unsubscribe in one click. Every email application has implemented this feature differently, but below is an example (Gmail) of where one-click unsubscribe can appear.

Within Totango campaign settings, you can now optionally enable one-click unsubscribe per campaign.

We recommend enabling this option on all marketing campaigns that target a large audience. Special consideration may apply to campaigns that are transactional in nature (e.g., introduction of a CSM, renewal reminder, overage notification) or that are designed to feel like they're coming directly from a CSM's inbox. Read more ➡

Sort by account type in Touchpoint Connect

Within Touchpoint Connect (Outlook and Gmail), you can now sort account results by account type, in addition to account name and health.

Sorting by account type is particularly helpful to delineate parent accounts from their opportunities (or other child account types). Sorting is case-sensitive. If something doesn't appear to be sorting the way you expect, check the case of the account type within Totango; the widget shows all account types as upper case, but the sorting mechanism relies on the source case as it is stored in the database. Read more ➡

Bug fixes

The following issues have been resolved:

[Bug Fix] The Ultimate Parent column in segments was showing the direct parent id. The Ultimate Parent column now displays the parent account highest in the hierarchy.

[Bug Fix] There was a discrepancy between the number displayed in Custom Reports and what was shown when the report was shared. The issue has now been resolved.

[Bug Fix] There was an issue with the Last Login value for Totango Users segments. The issue has been resolved.

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