Release Notes - Ver 20.266 - March 31, 2024

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Send chat-based messages using Sunshine Conversations

Totango now provides a Sunshine Conversations integration for sending chat-based messages from Totango.

The Sunshine Conversations Web Messenger chat widget (powered by SunCo) is a messaging widget that can be added to any web page. If you have this widget installed, you can request a Sunshine Conversations integration with Totango and leverage the same segmentation and scheduling options as Totango campaigns—except instead of sending emails, customers logged into your application see a new message within the chat widget. 



A Sunshine Conversations integration with Totango requires manual configuration with the assistance of the Totango Support team. If you have a Zendesk plan that allows access to Sunshine Conversations, among other prerequisites, read more to learn about the setup process.

Share a custom report

You can now share custom reports with stakeholders via a password-protected URL. Anyone with the link and password can view the report (Totango login not required). You can also stop sharing the report anytime to revoke access. Read more

Any updates you make to a shared report are automatically viewable by recipients each time they access the report (may require password re-entry). Recipients can view and hover over chart elements:

Set a customer contact as an objective owner

You can now choose a customer contact as an owner when adding objectives for a specific account plan. In addition to customer contact, other objective owner options include team members assigned to the account (role) or other named team member. Read more

View objective owner in standard reports and APIs

The objective owner is now supported within the following areas:

Objective owner is not yet supported in task segments.

Bug fixes 

The following issues have been resolved:

[Bug Fix] A lengthy title or description in a rapid insight form hid the name field and prevented text wrapping. The issue has been resolved.

[Bug Fix] Some SuccessPlays did not trigger tasks on accounts when assigned to an objective. The issue has been resolved.

[Bug Fix] The percentage metric, when used in the presentation generator, displayed the value after converting it to a decimal. The issue has been resolved.

[Bug Fix] Some tasks created via SuccessPlay were not displaying as expected in the task segment. The issue has been resolved.

[Bug Fix] Some users were unable to save an opportunity segment when removing or adding fields in the Edit Column. The issue has been resolved.

[Bug Fix] The touchpoint segment would not load based on the position of the Contract Value attribute. The issue has been resolved.

[Bug Fix] An inbound Hubspot integration job would automatically fail if a note exceeded the character limit. This issue is now resolved.

[Bug Fix] The criteria filter for Touchpoint Internal Participant and External Participant was unable to locate names or email addresses when searching for users exceeding hundreds. The issue has been resolved.

[Bug Fix] The attribute modal presented change only for 180 days instead of 365 days. The issue has been resolved.

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