View custom metrics and hierarchy roll-ups

Who can use this feature?

In addition to account-level attributes, use custom metrics and hierarchy roll-ups to get deeper insight into key metrics at all levels within a customer's business.

  • Custom metrics: See calculations of account-level attributes, such as Daily Active Users over Monthly Active Users (DAU/MAU) or other important KPI for your organization.
  • Hierarchy roll-up: See totals of various metrics at different profiles in the customer hierarchy (if applicable), such as contract value at the corporate level for all 4 regions (child profiles). 

Customizing account profile layout is available to global admins, team admins, or users with advanced permissions.

Where to find custom metrics and hierarchy roll-ups

If your admin has configured them, custom metrics and hierarchy roll-ups may be available in the following areas:

In case there is a roll-up and a parent attribute, Totango will display the right value per the admin configuration.

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