Export a local data file

Who can use this feature?

Totango allows you to export data from Totango to a CSV (bulk export) for the following objects:

  1. Tasks
  2. Touchpoints

Export a data file (one-time)

You can export one CSV file per integration job / object. After you select the object for export, you can filter the data prior to exporting.

  1. From within Settings, expand Data Management > Customer Data Hub.
  2. From the list of active connectors (left), choose Data Files.
  3. From the list of available connectors, hover over the Local File connector, and click Connect (or View Integrations).
  4. Click +Create Integration.
  5. Click the Export data tab.
  6. Choose from the available objects to export.
    A new integration page appears, based on the selected object (e.g., New Tasks Outbound Integration). In the Filter & Preview section a default filter is automatically applied (e.g., Tasks updated in the last 7 days). You can change the date range for up to last 30 days.
  7. Click +More Filters to refine the list tasks or touchpoints to export. Available filters include:
    • External task ID
    • SuccessFlow
    • Task title
    • Totango task ID
    • Created by
    • SuccessFlow
    • Totango Touchpoint ID
    • Touchpoint external ID
    • Touchpoint reasons
    • Touchpoint subject
    • Touchpoint type
  8. Click Refresh Preview to see the matching data.
  9. From the Settings section, set the following:
    • Name: Because you can later export data for the same object, a name and description helps  you identify the job later.
    • Description: Add a description for the job.
  10. Click Save.
  11. The job is saved, and you can monitor upload progress in real time. The sync status changes automatically as the job completes.
  12. Hover over the job and click the Ellipses (...) to download the file. 

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