Update account hierarchy from a data file

Refer to Manage your account hierarchy for foundational concepts. 

Upload an account hierarchy structure

Use the account hierarchy starter template (CSV) as a guide.

  1. Prepare a CSV file that includes columns for the following:
  2. Ensure that all child records have a Parent ID. The Parent ID on a child account is the Account ID of its parent. A parent account can have multiple child accounts, but the child can only have one parent.
  3. Upload the file and validate mapping. 
  4. This process for building the hierarchy structure in Totango may take up to 30 minutes. When finished, validate that you can view a profile for every level in the hierarchy structure.


  • Ensure that every parent level is configured as a "Parent" in the account profile layout. The ultimate child level must be configured as the Ultimate Child in the layout.
  • From the account profile (All tab), ensure the Parent ID value has the correct parent Account ID.
  • When working with Support, please send as much detail as much as you can, including an example of accounts IDs, file name, time of upload, and hierarchy expectation.


Question: How many CSV files do I need?

Answer: You can use a single file or multiple files. From our experience, it is easier to have one file per level, but there is no limitation on the number of files you can work with.

Question: Does the order of the rows matter?

Answer: No. As every child account refers to its parent, the order of the files and the accounts does not matter.

Question: How do I set the account type?

Answer: You can set the account type during the upload. Make sure each level of the hierarchy has a different Account Type, which identifies the level itself.

Question: How do I send the same data to multiple account types/levels?

Answer: While numeric data can be rolled up the parent level, other attribute types (such as Date, text, Lifecycle, and list) cannot and need to be present within each row for which you want it to live on the account profile. See recommendations for which levels to use contract value and usage data.

Question: How do I set up roll-up values?

Answer: Hierarchy roll-ups allow you to display aggregated values on parent accounts from child accounts.

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