Attribute limitations

Who can use this feature?

The following limitations apply to attribute API names and values.

Refer to requirements for unique IDs and data objects to learn more.

Attributes API names

  • The API name max length is 100 characters
  • Valid characters include alphanumeric (a..z, 0..9) and underscore

Attributes values

Accounts that use unsupported characters in the account_id will experience issues when attempting to view the account profiles in Totango. The same character limitations also applies to opportunity accounts.

Attribute Values Allowed Max Length
Account ID (account_id) Alpha-numeric (a..z, 0..9), underscore (_), hyphen (-) 480
Parent ID (parent_id) Alpha-numeric (a..z, 0..9), underscore (_), hyphen (-) 480
Product ID (product_id)


Name (account_name)


Text attributes   512
User ID Alpha-numeric (a..z, 0..9), underscore (_), hyphen (-), at (@), dot (.) 100
Text attributes (excluding NPS)   255
NPS text attributes   512
Collection Type   128
Text attributes   512
Usage - Activity   190
Usage - Module   100
Totango User ID   100

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