Release Notes - Ver 20.267 - April 18, 2024

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Segmenting accounts by in-app experience

Totango In-App customers can now use "In-App" account filters within a Totango segment. What this means is that you can create segments of accounts based on total completions or views of any in-app experiences over the last 7 or 30 days. 

In addition, you can use in-app account segmentation as target criteria for campaigns, SuccessPlays, and health profiles. Read more.

Use cases

Here are some ways you could try this new feature:

  1. Target all accounts who haven't recently viewed your in-app experiences with a campaign
  2. Create a list of accounts who haven't recently completed your in-app experiences, and trigger a SuccessPlay
  3. Automatically assign a task when an account recently completed an experience

View objective owner in task segments

You can now add objective owner as a column in a task segment. You can also filter by objective owner in task and account segments.

Objective owner is also available to use when generating an API endpoint from the segment.

Bug fixes 

The following issues have been resolved:

[Bug Fix] When completing a task and creating a follow-up touchpoint, there was an issue with the saving of the external participants. This issue is resolved; all new follow-up touchpoints work as expected.

[Bug Fix] Disabled flows were appearing in Touchpoint Connect for Outlook. The issue has been resolved.

[Bug Fix] When exporting a saved Totango Users segment to CSV, the "Overdue Tasks" and "Last activity date" columns displayed incorrect results and formatting. The issue has been resolved.

[Bug Fix] General slowness in performance within the EU. The issue has been resolved.

[Bug Fix] SuccessPlays with a "Request information" action were not working as when the trigger criteria specified account type and role. The issue has been resolved.

[Bug Fix] Column names within the Segments tab of the Global BLOC were not sorting as expected. The issue has been resolved.

[Bug Fix] Some users with view access to a BLOC were receiving an error when attempting to create private copies of a public segment. The issue has been resolved.

[Bug Fix] The "Parent ID" and "Direct Parent" column values in segments was inconsistent. The issue has been resolved; Parent ID contains the account ID of the parent account, and Direct Parent displays the parent account's name.

[Bug Fix] The "Direct Parent" column values in segment exports was displaying the Parent ID value. The issue has been resolved; the Direct Parent column now displays the parent account's name.

[Bug Fix] Account external links did not accept API attributes with an underscore character. The issue has been resolved.

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